Lunox is a mage hero who is known for dealing a great deal of damage. Lunox is one of the few scaling mages in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who can really knock out enemies in the late game.

In the current meta, Lunox is normally used as a support or in the gold lane. The goal is clear: She is picked to guarantee late-game success and be a counter against beefy heroes like Uranus and Baxia.

In the history of MPL, it was none other than EVOS Legends’ current head coach Bjorn “Zeys” Ong, who used Lunox as a tank in MPL Season 1 when he was still competing as a pro player.

Since then, tank Lunox hasn’t been meta — until MPL ID Season 7.

Tank Lunox suddenly reappeared in game three of the MPL ID Season 7 upper bracket final between EVOS Legends and Bigetron Alpha.

Zeys drafted tank Lunox, which REKT played. Even though EVOS Legends lost that game and fell down to the lower bracket, many commentators still believed in her potential.

Why Tank Lunox works in this Mobile Legends meta

MPL analyst Ryan “KB” Batistuta thinks that tank Lunox still has a place in the Mobile Legends meta.

“Lunox makes sense to be a tank because it can do bait, instantly heal, and possesses crowd control and escape abilities. She also does poke damage, which is so annoying,” KB told ONE Esports.

“Using the Tenacity tank emblem just to adds to her defense. The mandatory item for tank Lunox is Oracle, which enhances the heal from Starlight Pulse,” said KB.

Right now, many other heroes are considered more useful in the tank and support roles. Will tank Lunox pick up among Mobile Legends players and become the new meta?

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