Bigetron Alpha has confirmed that their star jungler and captain Jabran “Branz” Bagus Wiloko will not play in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asian Cup 2021 (MSC).

Branz will miss one of the biggest tournaments this year due to a serious community violation he committed during his livestream last Thursday.

Bigetron Alpha’s official statement

Bigetron Alpha has officially released a statement on their Instagram page, explaining the severity of his violation.

“We, the management of Bigetron Esports, apologize for the commotion that occurred. We hereby declare that Branz will receive a strong warning from us, and as a sanction, he and related parties have been suspended for a month,”

How will it affect Bigetron Alpha in MSC 2021?

Branz is one of the main driving force behind Bigetron Alpha’s deep playoff run in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ID Season 7.

Despite losing to EVOS Legends in the grand finals, Branz proved to everyone that he is one of the best junglers in the region. He ranked third in total kills this MPL ID season at 157.

Without Branz, either Maxx or Renbo will replace him in the jungler position for Bigetron Alpha at MSC 2021. DreamS might also return to the main squad to complete the six-man lineup.

Branz’s response to Bigetron Alpha

At a Planet Esports interview on RevivaLTV, Bigetron Alpha’s owner Starlest spoke about the issue. He said that Branz had already apologized to him and the management of Bigetron Alpha.

“My friends, I apologize for the uproar that happened. All of that is purely my negligence. I will accept the action or the consequences. Once again I apologize for this carelessness,” Branz wrote to Starlest.

Despite the apology, Starlest clarified there’s no guarantee that Branz will immediately return to the squad after the MSC 2021 suspension, as there will be renegotiations on his contract.

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