T1 beat DRX 2-0 to extend their perfect run in the LCK Spring Split 2022 last week. During the series, we got to see T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok pick his 70th champion in pro play, Tryndamere mid into Corki.

Corki has seen a lot of play in the 2022 season, as he has high burst and long-ranged abilities, which are useful in fights around objectives. After the series, T1 Faker revealed in a post-match press conference why he decided to pick Tryndamere mid into the marksman champion.

T1 Faker picks Tryndamere mid against Corki in the LCK Spring Split 2022

T1 pro player Faker, LCK Summer Split 2021 playoff finals
Credit: LCK on Flickr

While Tryndamere is mostly played in the top lane this 2022 season, Faker instead, chose to utilize him in the mid lane against DRX’s Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo’s Corki.

The legendary mid laner felt that Tryndamere mid into Corki would be good as The Daring Bombadier lacks crowd control, and doesn’t have a strong laning phase.

Faker got a triple kill during the game, giving us flashbacks to Worlds 2021 when Tryndamere mid was a frequent pick.

The team is currently 4-0 and joint-top of the standings with Gen.G as of January 26.

Faker is looking forward to meeting them since they are both on win streaks. “I think that so far, we faced off against relatively weaker teams, so I’ll have to see how we fare against the stronger teams,” T1 Faker said.

Read the full transcript of the post-match press conference from Inven Global hereWatch the full T1 vs DRX VOD here

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