Anyone familiar with the Griffin team of 2018/2019 would have heard of their legendary support player Son “Lehends” Si-woo, famed for his unconventional champion picks and the fact that he’s a Singed and Shen main.

After years of teasing with over 2,000 solo queue games played, the Gen.G player finally debuted his Singed support in the LCK Spring Split 2022, becoming the first pro player to flex the Mad Chemist in this role.

While Gen.G did win their series 2-1 against DWG KIA, Lehends’ role was mainly twofold — creating chaos, and providing lockdown with Mega Adhesive (W) and Fling (E).

Gen.G Lehends surprises by locking in support Singed in LCK Spring Split 2022 against DWG KIA

It takes huge cojones to pick a champion that’s rarely seen in the meta, what more in the support role, but Lehends went ahead and did it in the pivotal third game of Gen.G’s series against DWG KIA.

The winner of the series would set the tone for the weeks to come in the race towards the LCK title.

If Lehends had a plan, it certainly didn’t show in the early game, as he fed successively to DK’s bot lane duo of Seo “deokdam” Dae-gil and Kim “Kellin” Hyeong-gyu.

Then again, that’s what Singed players tend to do in general anyway, for KDA seems to be a made-up concept to them.

Gen.G Lehends’ Singed provided the much needed crowd control and utility for his team

Credit: Griffin, Riot Games

As long as Lehends had Flash, however, he could engage with Fling, as demonstrated in a fight in the 12th minute. Utilizing all his crowd control, Lehends helped to secure kills on deokdam’s Ezreal and Kellin’s Yuumi.

Mega Adhesive (W) grounds enemy champions and prevents them from using escape spells like Arcane Shift (E), allowing him to catch up to deokdam.

That said, without Flash, Lehends remained largely a sitting duck. By the 30th minute, Lehends had the highest deaths of anyone in the game.

But he would have the last laugh in the end, for he managed to catch out inspecting DWG KIA players in late game team fights.

He also executed a flank that’d make any top laner or engage support proud. In the end, Gen.G won 2-1 against the defending champions after an exhilarating and nail-biting series.

Lehends’ Singed item build

We do not advocate playing Singed support in your ranked games, unless you like having people AFK and spam death timer pings on you.

But we know League of Legends players are curious, so here’s the item build that Lehends went for in his three solo queue support Singed solo queue games in 2022, as well as this LCK game.

  • Boots of Swiftness/Mercury’s Treads
  • Targon’s Buckler
  • Stopwatch (situational)
  • Evenshroud (Mythic)
  • Kindlegem

The boots of choice for Singed would depend on your opponents. In this case, as DWG KIA’s comp wasn’t packed with crowd control, he could rush Boots of Swiftness, which gives him movement speed.

Evenshroud is a support Mystic item newly added in League of Legends patch 11.23, and applies Repent when the user becomes immobilized. Repent increases the damage they take by 12% for five seconds.

League of Legends Mythic support item Evenshroud
Screenshot by Jonathan Yee/ONE Esports

This, combined with Lehend’s rune choice of Glacial Augment, means that his allies can easily catch up to whoever he targets, and burst them down quicker.

It also gives health, ability haste, as well as armor and magic resistance — all the stats that a tank like Singed loves.

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