The biggest League of Legends tournament of the year is almost upon us. Worlds 2022 will see a total of 24 teams battle to lift the Summoner’s Cup — the crowning glory of the League of Legends competitive circuit.

From September 29 to November 5, teams will duke it out in cities across North and South America, culminating in a grand final at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California.

Join in on the action when you play the ONE Esports Fantasy Worlds 2022 Challenge. Think you know which teams will come out on top? Tell us today.

The winner will receive up to 10,000 Riot Points or 3,200 Garena Shells, depending on their region.

How to play ONE Esports Fantasy Worlds 2022 Challenge

To start playing, simply answer the questions below.

  1. Which 4 play-in teams will qualify for the group stage? (100 points per correct prediction) 
  2. Which teams will be in the top 8? (300 points per correct prediction) 
  3. Which 2 teams will be in the Grand Finals Series? (500 points per correct prediction) 
  4. Which team will be the Worlds 2022 champion?  (Worth 1,000 points) 
  5. Wild card: Which champion will be the most picked in this tournament? (Worth 500 points)

Each correct prediction will net you the listed points. The goal of the challenge is to score as many points as possible.

Tiebreaker rules

If there are multiple players with the same number of points, a tiebreaker will be held. The player with the closest answers to the following questions will be declared the winner.

  1. How many barons will be killed in the Grand Finals Series? 
  2. How many kills will the winning team get in the last game of the Grand Finals Series?

What’s the prize?

There are a total of 7,360 Garena Shells and 24,000 Riot Points to be won. The prize breakdown is as follows:

  • 1x Grand winner: 10,000 Riot Points or 3,200 Garena Shells
  • 5x Tier 1 winners: 8,000 Riot Points or 2,560 Garena Shells
  • 10x Tier 2 winners: 6,000 Riot Points or 1,600 Garena Shells

Ready to pick your winners? Click here to join the ONE Esports Fantasy Challenge from September 22 to 28.

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