Updated on September 27, 3:23 p.m. (GMT+8): The article previously contained an error that stated that Indonesia lost to Vietnam in the Quarterfinals, when in fact it was India. This error has been rectified.

Updated on September 25, 11:15 a.m. (GMT+8): Added link on where to watch Asian Games LoL livestream.

The 19th Asian Games is poised to bring the most talented esports teams onto a single stage. One of the highlighted esports categories in this event is the multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends.

The event will bring together players of different caliber, uniting them into national teams all vying for the prestigious gold medal.

Here’s everything you need to know about LoL Asian Games 2023, including the complete list of teams participating in the event, its schedule and results, its format, and where to watch the live broadcast.

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What is the Asian Games 2023?

The 19th Asian Games is a major multi-sport event scheduled to be held in Hangzhou, China, from September 23 to October 8. It was originally scheduled to take place in 2022, but was postponed to a later date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is the 19th edition of the Asian Games, a regional sporting event that brings together athletes from across Asia. The games feature a wide range of traditional and regional sports, including esports, and aim to promote sportsmanship, cultural exchange, and cooperation among Asian countries.

The esports discipline encompasses eight titles, including Arena of Valor (Asian Games version), Dota 2, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, EA Sports FIFA-branded soccer games, Hearthstone, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile (Asian Games version), and Street Fighter V.

LoL Asian Games 2023 schedule and results

Team Korea warm up matches

Prior to the main event, Team Korea engaged in warm up matches against other national teams.

September 11

South Korea2 — 0Vietnam

September 12

South Korea2 — 0Chinese Taipei

The official LoL Asian Games 2023 matches will be a five-day spectacle and will run from September 25 to September 29.

Group Stage

Group Stage standings

South Korea2 — 0
Hong Kong1 — 1
Kazakhstan0 — 2
Vietnam2 — 0
Japan1– 1
Palestine0 — 2
Chinese Taipei2 — 0
United Arab Emirates1 — 1
Maldives0 — 2
Macau1 — 0
Thailand0 — 1

Group A Round 1

September 25

Hong Kong0 — 1South Korea
Hong Kong1 — 0Kazakhstan
South Korea1 — 0Kazakhstan
Japan1 — 0Palestine
Japan0 — 1Vietnam
Vietnam1 — 0Palestine

Day 2

September 26

United Arab Emirates0 — 1Chinese Taipei
Thailand0 — 1Macau
United Arab Emirates1 — 0Maldives
Chinese Taipei1 — 0Maldives


September 27

Saudi Arabia0 — 2South Korea
China2 — 0Macau
Malaysia0 — 2Chinese Taipei
India0 — 2Vietnam


September 28

South Korea2 — 0China
Chinese Taipei2 — 0Vietnam
JD Gaming Ruler punching up-close for the camera at MSI 2023
Credit: Riot Games
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Third-place match

September 29

China2 — 1Vietnam
Team China fought hard to secure bronze medal in action-packed clash with Team Vietnam
BTS manhwa 7Fates Chakho
Credit: HYBE
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September 29

South Korea2 — 0Chinese Taipei
League of Legends Gen.G Chovy poses for a photo after their match with his fists up
Credit: Riot Games
Team Korea gets gold at Asian Games 2023! And a major exemption from the government

LoL Asian Games 2023 Finals results

GoldSouth Korea
SilverChinese Taipei

Complete LoL Asian Games 2023 teams and player rosters

Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, and Sri Lanka withdrew from the tournament. Maldives joined despite not being on the preliminary list or the RDAG.

Southeast Asia teams

Malaysia (chosen by TFRM)

Top lanerTam “Shine” See
JunglerBeckham “Arashi” Ang Jing En
Mid lanerSleep
Bot lanerEric “QaspieL” Sia Sze Pin
SupportAlvin “Felia” Lim Ming Sang

Thailand (qualifier)

Top lanerPalanan “Jingliu” Nut
JunglerSukkamart “Flowerandbadger” Chayutphong
Mid lanerEyesong “Neulnnyr” Chirapat
Bot lanerBumrungcha “Pillow” Wkasem Nutthanon
SupportBoonta “It Yummy” Phumiphat
CoachChangpu “Blondie” Karun

Vietnam (chosen by VIRESA)

Top lanerTrần “Kiaya” Duy Sang
JunglerĐỗ “Levi” Duy Khánh
Mid lanerĐặng “Kati” Thanh Phê
Mid lanerLê “Glory” Ngọc Vinh
Bot lanerTrần “Artemis” Quốc Hưng
SupportTrần “Bie”Đức Hiếu
CoachLê “SofM” Quang Duy

South and Central Asia teams

India (qualifier)

Top lanerSanindhya “Deadcorp” Malik 
JunglerAakash “Infi” Shandilya
Mid lanerAkshaj “Kai” Shenoy
Bot lanerMihir “Lotus” Ranjan
SupportSamarth “CrankO” Trivedi
SubstituteAditya “Krow” Selvaraj

Kazakhstan (qualifier)

Top lanerWeox
JunglerChingiz “MexanikCH” Abhishev
Bot lanerJungkz
SupportThe Goldiee

East Asia teams

China (chosen by CSIC)

Top lanerChen “Bin” Ze-Bin
JunglerZhao “JieJie” Li-Jie
JunglerPeng “Xun” Li-Xun
Mid lanerZhuo “knight” Ding
Bot lanerZhao “Elk” Jia-Hao
SupportTian “Meiko” Ye
CoachZhu “KenZhu” Kai
LPL host Candice
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games. ONE Esports
Meet LPL’s host, Candice

Chinese Taipei (chosen by CTESA)

Top lanerHsu “Rest” Shih-Chieh
Top lanerSu “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang
JunglerHung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan
Mid lanerChu “FoFo” Chun-Lan
Bot lanerChiu “Doggo” Tzu-Chuan
SupportHu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh
CoachChen “WarHorse” Ju-Chih

Hong Kong (chosen by ESAHK)

Top lanerChau “YSKM” Shu Tak
Top lanerMak “Solokill” Fu Keung
JunglerChan “KennyChan” Chi Yung
Mid lanerLi “Medzz” Ka Yuen
Bot lanerWong “MnM” Ka Chun
SupportLing “Kaiwing” Kai Wing
CoachWong “Skywalk” Chun Him
CoachChan “Jazkit” Cheuk Kit
CoachKan “Kabe” Ho Man

Japan (chosen by JESU)

Top lanerMinato “RayFarky” Shinohara
Top lanerFumiya “Ino” Aino
JunglerDai “hachamecha” Takai
Mid lanerNorifumi “Recap” Yamazaki
Bot lanerYuta “Yutapon” Sugiura
SupportRyosei “Enty” Tanioka
CoachHaruhiko “Gismo” Aoki

Macau (chosen by MESF)

Top laner蘇嘉富 (2oey)
JunglerYau U “NH” Son (姚宇信)
MidSit “Faith” Chong Fai
Bot laner楊浩良 (HOU99)
SupportLeong “SeaLion” Si Un

South Korea (chosen by KeSPA)

Top lanerChoi “Zeus” Woo-je
JunglerSeo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok
Mid lanerLee “Faker” Sang-hyeok
Mid lanerJeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon
Bot lanerPark “Ruler” Jae-hyuk
SupportRyu “Keria” Min-seok
CoachKim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun
CoachKim “Khan” Dong-ha
CoachLee “Zefa” Jae-min
Faker's podium finishes
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games. ONE Esports
Check out Faker’s achievements throughout the years

West Asia teams


Top lanerAdli Arafat
JunglerGhaleb Fatayer
Mid lanerSaif Aghbar
Bot lanerRami Ghanayem
SupportYousef Shakhshir

Saudi Arabia

Top lanerNawaf “Wufo” Abdulaziz Alkhowaiter
JunglerAjwad “Ajwad” Wazzan
Mid lanerAbdulaziz “Oniikhan” Al Mubarak
Bot lanerNawaf “Mimic” Al-Salem
Bot lanerNawaf “Nawaf” Al Jauid
SupportMeshal “Mishal” Albarrak
CoachÖmer “Basei” Onay

United Arab Emirates

TBCButti Almansoori
TBCAhmad Alsuwaidi
Mid lanerFaris “Magic” Almazroouei
Bot lanerKhalifa “Rust” Al-Dhaheri
Bot lanerHarib “Harib” Sami
SupportMohammad “Grèédy” Abdulaziz

Where to watch esports at Asian Games 2023

VODs of Team Korea’s warm up matches can be viewed on KeSPA’s YouTube channel.

League of Legends matches for the main event are streamed on AfreecaTV’s channels (A, B, and C channels) and on Bilibili.

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