Throughout the years, Star Guardian skin releases have been absolute delights for League of Legends players, both visually and aurally. Each launch has been accompanied by slick cinematics infused with magic and catchy Star Guardian theme songs.

The latest Star Guardian theme song, Everything Goes On, was performed by American DJ Porter Robinson, accompanied by lyrics that hint at the story of Kai’Sa and Akali’s friendship and relationship as Star Guardians.

First released in 2015, the Star Guardian skin line is Riot Games’ tribute to the magical girl (mahou shoujo) anime genre, with designs inspired by series like Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon.

Here’s a full list of every Star Guardian song ever released and where you can listen to them.

All Star Guardian theme songs in League of Legends

All Star Guardians 2022 wallpaper
Credit: Riot Games
Burning BrightComposer: Edouard Brenneisen
Singer: Allie Crystal
October 2016
Endless Starlight ~Shine of Life~Singer: Kanae AsabaOctober 2016
A New HorizonSinger: Julie ElvenSeptember 2017
Scattered StarsComposer: Edouard Brenneisen
Singer: Julie Elven
September 2017
Light and ShadowComposer: Hiroyuki Sawano
Singer: Gemie
September 2019
Star Guardian 2022 Orchestral ThemeComposers: Riot Music Team, Porter Robinson
Singer: Suzanne Waters
June 2022
Everything Goes OnComposers: Porter Robinson, Riot Music Team, Fredrik Johansson, and Hige Driver
Singer: Porter Robinson
July 2022
Everything Goes On KR remixRemix: Fuxxy, Any Masingga
Singer: Chungha
July 2022

Fans can listen to select Star Guardian theme songs on Spotify or on Riot Games Music’s YouTube channel.

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