From the grassy plains of Genshin Impact and the catastrophic lands of Honkai Impact 3rd, HoYoverse is taking players to the stars with its new space fantasy RPG, Honkai Star Rail.

What is Honkai Star Rail about?

In Honkai Star Rail, the main character embarks on a journey to the galaxy to uncover the truth about Stellarons, also known as the seeds of disaster.

The game’s story begins at Herta Space Station, where the protagonist receives information for the journey. They will then travel to Jarilo-VI, where various dangers and conflicts are hidden under the snow, and finally, they will reach the silkpunk flagship Xianzhou Luofu, where the topic of immortality is both the source of progress and conflict.

Is Honkai Star Rail connected to Honkai Impact 3rd? What happened to Welt?

Honkai Star Rail is the fourth game in the Honkai franchise following Honkai Impact 3rd.

The two games have a strong connection to each other, evident in their lore and characters. For instance, Honkai Star Rail’s character, Welt, is the same individual featured in Honkai Impact 3rd’s Alien Space manga.

Playing Honkai Impact 3rd before HSR is not necessary since the former exists in an alternate universe.

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When does Honkai Star Rail come out? Exact HSR global release date and time

Honkai Star Rail key visual art
Credit: HoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail will be officially released on PC, Epic Games Store, iOS, and Android on Wednesday, April 26 at 10 a.m. GMT+8 | 2 a.m. GMT | Tuesday, April 25 at 7 p.m. PT.

Its PlayStation version is still under development and will be released at a later date.

All Honkai Star Rail characters and their voice actors

Honkai Star Rail's Dan Heng
Credit: HoYoverse

The Astral Express

Himeko5-starEN: Cia Court
JP: Tanaka Rie
Welt5-starEN: Corey Landis
JP: Hosoya Yoshimasa
Dan Heng4-starEN: Nicholas Leung
JP: Ito Kent
March 7th4-starEN: Skyler Davenport
JP: Ogura Yui

Stellaron Hunters

Kafka5-starEN: Cheryl Texiera
JP: Itoh Shizuka
Silver Wolf5-starEN: Melissa Fahn
JP: Asumi Kana

Herta Space Station

Arlan4-starEN: Dani Chambers
JP: Shiraishi Ryoko
Asta4-starEN: Felecia Angelle
JP: Akasaki Chinatsu
Herta4-starEN: PJ Mattson
JP: Yamazaki Haruka


Gepard5-starEN: Bryson Baugus
JP: Furukawa Makoto
Bronya5-starEN: Madeline Reiter
JP: Asumi Kana
Seele5-starEN: Molly Zhang
JP: Nakahara Mai
Clara5-starEN: Emily Sun and D.C. Douglas
JP: Hidaka Rina and Yasumoto Hiroki
Sampo4-starEN: Roger Rose
JP: Hirakawa Daisuke
Pela4-starEN: Xanthe Huynh
JP: Morohoshi Sumire
Serval4-starEN: Natalie Van Sistine
JP: Aimi
Natasha4-starEN: Elizabeth Maxwell
JP: Uchiyama Yumi
Hook4-starEN: Felecia Angelle
JP: Tokui Sora

The Xianzhou Luofu

Jing Yuan5-starEN: Alejandro Saab
JP: Ono Daisuke
Yanqing5-starEN: Amber May
JP: Inoue Marina
Bailu5-starEN: Su Ling Chan
JP: Kato Emiri
Tingyun4-starEN: Laci Morgan
JP: Takada Yuuki
Sushang4-starEN: Anjali Kunapaneni
JP: Fukuen Misato
Qingque4-starEN: Bryn Apprill
JP: Date Arisa

Honkai Star Rail gameplay and trailer

Honkai Star Rail features turn-based combat and large maps with maze exploration. It also incorporates fantasy elements with myths and legends integrated into its space sci-fi story.

If you’re a Genshin Impact player, here’s why HSR is the next best RPG for you.

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