Gallagher is an upcoming 4-star character in Honkai Star Rail of Abundance Path who can deal fire damage. The gruff security officer of the Bloodhound family made a brief appearance in Star Rail 2.0’s main story, though his role in the game’s overarching narrative is far from over. 

Like Kafka, Gallagher can deal follow-up attacks. His Talent increases the break damage dealt to enemies, whereas his basic attack reduces the enemy’s attack power. Lastly, Gallagher’s skill allows him to heal an ally. 

If you’re hoping to get Gallagher in HSR, it’s best to start prepping early, as the grind could take a while. As such, in this guide, we explain all the Gallagher materials HSR players need to farm in the game.

Full list of Gallagher materials HSR requires for character unlock

Gallagher HSR materials banner
Credit: HoYoverse

For Gallagher, you will primarily need to farm Dream Collection Component, Dream Flow Valve, and Dream Making Engine. 

Below, you can find the full list of Gallagher’s Ascenion and Trace materials. 

Level Ascension Material Cost (Credit)
204 Dream Collection Component3,200
308 Dream Collection Component6,400
405 Dream Flow Valve2 Raging Heart12,800
508 Dream Flow Valve5 Raging Heart32,000
605 Dream Making Engine15 Raging Heart64,000
707  Dream Making Engine28 Raging Heart128,000

In total, you will need: 

  • 246,000 Credits
  • 12 Dream Collection Component
  • 13 Dream Flow Valve
  • 12 Dream Making Engine
  • 50 Raging Heart
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Penacony Boss Memory Zone Meme "Something Unto Death"
Credit: HoYoverse, screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

All Gallagher materials for Traces

In total, you will need the following materials to level up Gallagher’s Traces in HSR: 

  • 2,400,000 Credits
  • 12 Alien Tree Seed
  • 28 Dream Collection Component
  • 42 Dream Flow Valve
  • 42 Dream Making Engine
  • 54 Nourishing Honey
  • 105 Myriad Fruit
  • 12 Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster
  • 5 Tracks of Destiny 

That’s all the Gallagher materials HSR players will need. 

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