Sparkle is a new 5-star character in Honkai: Star Rail of Harmony Path who can deal Quantum damage. Also known as Hanabi, the enigmatic Sparkle played a vital role in Star Rail 2.0’s main story.

In this guide, we explain all the Sparkle materials HSR players need to farm before the masked fool arrives in Honkai: Star Rail. 

Speaking of the next update, the second phase of 2.0 is on the horizon and will feature the Sparkle banner. One of the reasons why Sparkle is shaping up to be a unique character is because of her Talent, which allows her to increase the team’s skill points by 2.

Full list of Sparkle Materials HSR requires for character

Honkai Star Rail Sparkle banner
Credit: HoYoverse

If you plan to pull for Sparkle, you may want to start farming her Ascension and Trave materials early.

You can find almost all Ascension and Trace materials in Penacony’s dreamworld in HSR. 

All Sparkle materials for Ascension

You will need the following materials to level up Sparkle in HSR. 

205 Tatters of Thought4,000Memory Zone Meme
3010 Tatter of Thought8,000Memory Zone Meme
403 Dream Flamer, 6 Fragments of Impression16,000Dream’s Edge Stagnant Shadow
507 Dream Flamer, 9 Fragments of Impression40,000Dream’s Edge Stagnant Shadow
6020 Dream Flamer, 6 Shards of Desire80,000Dream’s Edge Stagnant Shadow, Memory Zone Meme, Simulated Universe
7035 Dream Flamer, 9 Shards of Desire160,000Dream’s Edge Stagnant Shadow, Memory Zone Meme, Simulated Universe

In total, you will need: 

  • 308,000 Credits
  • 65 Dream Flamer
  • 15 Fragments of Impression
  • 15 Shards of Desire
  • 15 Tatters of Thoughts
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All Sparkle materials for Traces

Sparkle materials Honkai Star Rail
Screenshot by Shreyansh Katsura/ONE Esports

In total, you will need the following materials to level Sparkle’s Traces in HSR: 

  • 3,000,000 Credits
  • 72 Celestial Selection
  • 56 Fragments of Impression
  • 15 Firament Note
  • 12 Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster
  • 139 Heavenly Melody
  • 58 Shards of Desires
  • 41 Tatters of Thought
  • 11 Tracks of Destiny 

That’s all the Sparkle materials HSR players will need.

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