Chinese composer and music producer Yu-Peng Chen, also known as Chen Zhiyi, has officially parted ways with HoYoverse and HOYO-MiX, the video game company’s music studio.

The 39-year-old composer made this announcement on his personal Weibo, explaining the reasons behind his decision.

Why did Yu-Peng Chen leave HoYoverse?

Yu-Peng Chen made the decision to leave HoYoverse to pursue his personal musical aspirations.

“I plan to release a personal album of my music works next year,” he wrote on Weibo.

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He reminisced about his time with the video game company, starting in 2019, where he witnessed the growth of HOYO-MiX and the evolution of the music for Genshin Impact, the company’s flagship title.

In Genshin Impact, he was responsible for composing the soundtracks for the Mondstadt and Liyue regions. Some of his most well-known works in the video game include “Rex Incognito,” “Lover’s Oath,” and “Lone Sojourner.”

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In 2020, he and the HOYO-MiX music team achieved remarkable success, winning three awards for their soundtracks in Genshin Impact.

Beyond Genshin, he has also contributed to other games such as Moonlight Blade, a martial arts-themed MMORPG developed by Tencent Games.

What is the Genshin National Team composition?

He is a musical virtuoso with a diverse portfolio. He has has composed scores for various genres including film, orchestral, traditional, and indie music, and is proficient in multiple instruments such as the piano, guitar, clarinet, tin whistle, and the Chinese flute known as the xiao.

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