The latest expansion coming to World of Warcraft has been revealed as part of the opening ceremony at BlizzCon 2023.

World of Warcraft The War Within has been announced as the first expansion as part of The Worldsoul Saga.

World of Warcraft The War Within expansion brings massive new features

World of Warcraft The War Within Worldsoul Saga
Credit: Blizzard

World of Warcraft 11.0, officially named The War Within, brings four new zones, a new allied race in the form of the Earthen Dwarves, and so much more.

According to Blizzard, this expansion is “the opening chapter of the most ambitious story arch in World of Warcraft’s history, The Worldsoul Saga, which will span three consecutive expansions.”

The expansions have been named The War Within, Midnight, and The Last Titan. Chris Metzen, executive creative director of Warcraft, has stated that these expansions to the story will be coming faster than fans are used to, but didn’t provide exact details.

This story begins as the horde and alliance work to prevent a threat to the “very heart of Azeroth.”

According to the official release, “This expansion takes players deep beneath the surface of Azeroth — through never-before-seen subterranean zones full of hidden wonders and lurking peril, down to the dark heart of the Nerubian empire manipulated by Xal’atath, a malicious Harbinger of the Void who has been gathering power and armies to bring Azeroth to its knees.”

Fans should remember Xal’atath from Legion expansion, and he’s returned more vicious than ever. In order to stop him, players will traverse deep within Azeroth’s center and work alongside the Earthen, a new allied race.

The expansion also brings Delves, Warbands, and Hero Talents. For those interested in purchasing, check out our article covering the World of Warcraft The War Within editions and pre-order bonuses.

World of Warcraft The War Within — Delves

Delves are “bite-sized dungeons” which can be played as solo adventures or with up to a group of five. You’ll also be able to bring along an AI companion which you’ll be able to customize.

Delves are described as “replayable, seasonal, role-agnostic mini-dungeons,” which “will offer a new way to enjoy the leveling and endgame progression in addition to traditional dungeons, raids, and PvP.”

World of Warcraft The War Within — Warbands

“With Warbands, players can enjoy account-wide progression with all characters in their account, regardless of faction, that includes shared War Within renown, a warband bank, achievements, and more! Additionally, a new change to transmog collection will let players learn the appearance of any gear type, even if they cannot equip it!” Blizzard said.

For a full breakdown of Warbands, check out this article.

World of Warcraft The War Within — Hero Talents

With the expansion comes the introduction to Hero Talents. Each class specialization will have even more individual identities as they’re all granted two new chocies of “self-contained Hero Talent trees based off popular Warcraft universe archetypes (39 trees in total).”

As you level from 71-80, you’ll earn a total of 10 Hero Talent points which you’ll place into one of the two trees available for your class specialization. While you can only have on tree active at a time, you’ll be able to swap between them at will.

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