There’s a major change coming with the new expansion, World of Warcraft The War Within, that will make alt-o-holics very happy.

World of Warcraft Warbands is a new feature that will allow many more aspects of the game to be interconnected across a set number of characters, increasing the ease of swapping between different characters without having to regain renown, change banks, and much more.

The new feature was announced as part of BlizzCon 2023.

New World of Warcraft Warbands will make playing alts easier

World of Warcraft The War Within Warbands
Credit: Blizzard

According to an official statement by Blizzard, Warbands are how they “see the interconnectivity of gameplay between all characters in your account.”

You’ll even be able to put up to four of your characters on your character selection screen now with a “Warband themed scene.”

“With Warbands, you can share the 11.0 reputations, collections, certain achievements, some open world progress (including Delves), select currencies, gear, access to the Warband Bank, and more, between all your alts, regardless of their Faction,” Blizzard added.

According to the team, “most if not all” of the factions and reputations coming in 11.0 will be Warband-wide.

A Warband bank will allow you to transfer select gear between characters in your Warband. The new gear will be categorized as Warbound until equipped. This new gear type can be shared with alts but is soulbound once equipped to any of your characters. Blizzard states that you’ll “be able to earn high ilevel Warbound until equipped gear” through many facets of the game.

Some older content will will also be made Warband wide with the new World of Warcraft Warbands system. “Many old achievements that previously had to be completed all on one character will be converted,” the World of Warcraft team stated. This will be in addition to flight points.

World of Warcraft Orgrimmar and Stormwind
Credit: Blizzard

World of Warcraft Warbands will also have an impact on transmogs. All transmogs you learn across will now be available across your Warband regardless of the armor type. “This means, if Priest player collects a plate chest piece from a raid, that character can imprint that appearance in their collection and it will appear on the respective plate-wearing character(s) appearance collection for that account,” the release stated. Oh, and all bind-on-pickup items will now be learned automatically.

World of Warcraft Warbands will undoubtedly be received with open arms, and we look forward to getting to utilize it ourselves.

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