Diablo 4’s very first expansion, Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred, has officially been revealed as part of BlizzCon 2023.

Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred is a continuation of the main story line, not just a season which we know we’ll get plenty of between now and then.

Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred set to release in late 2024

Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred trailer
Credit: Blizzard

Blizzard unveiled a short announcement trailer during the opening ceremony in which fans could hear a familiar gravely voice as the cinematic took us to what one can only assume will be a new region.

According to Blizzard, “Vessel of Hatred continues the grim tale that began in Diablo IV, as you learn the fate of the prime evil Mephisto and his demonic plans for Sanctuary.”

The Diablo 4 expansion will bring a new story along with “new ways to play, new evils to vanquish, and a brand-new Class never before seen in the Diablo universe,” the official blog post stated.

There was little information to gather outside of the video, and it was stated prior to its release that it is still very early and more details will come as its launch date gets closer. In the blog post the team stated that they “can’t wait to share more about it with you next summer.”

As of now, all we know is that the Diablo 4 expansion will come in late 2024 with a continuation of the story and a new class will come with it.

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