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While progressing through the story and the Blacksmith’s quest in Enshrouded, players will get a quest called “Crucible Needed For a Smelter,” and are tasked to retrieve an Enshrouded Crucible.

Similar to most of the quests in the game, even if you make the quest active from your Journal, all you get is a ‘?’ icon on the map without a clear description or details on where to find the Enshrouded Crucible.

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To help players, we have prepared a guide sharing the Enshrouded Crucible location and more details surrounding it.

Where is the Enshrouded Crucible location

Enshrouded Crucible location
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj / ONE Esports

You can find the Enshrouded Crucible location on top of a table hidden behind rubble inside a cave at the Mark of Sameth mines west of the Ravelwood Ancient Spire.

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To make things easier, we have highlighted the location of Mark of Sameth in the above map screenshot. You can reach there on foot or use the Ravelwood Ancient Spire to glide to the area quickly, granted you have it unlocked. 

Enshrouded crucible entrance
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj / ONE Esports

Once you arrive at Mark of Sameth, climb the wooden suspended platforms until you see the central cave in the middle. Head inside and keep moving until you come across a silver chest. On the left of it, you will find rubble that you can remove using the Pickaxe tool. 

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After clearing the rubble, enter the room, and you will find the Enshrouded Crucible on top of a table surrounded by other lootable items. Go near it and press the ‘E’ key to collect the Crucible and progress the quest. 

What is the Enshrouded Crucible used for

Enshrouded blacksmith
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj / ONE Esports

As mentioned earlier, the Crucible is one of the quest items and crafting materials players need in Enshrouded to unlock the Smelter production tool to craft high-level equipment. 

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Don’t forget to grab the Wizard Chest Piece

While you are at Mark of Sameth for the Crucible, remember to open the Silver Chest as it contains the Wizard Chest piece, and just like any other chest in the game, you can find it for rare equipment and consumables. 

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Now you should be completely familiar with the Enshrouded Crucible, where it’s located, and more details surrounding it.

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