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Palworld hosts some extremely powerful legendary weapons and armor pieces which can help you during the later stages of the game.

Building a formidable team of Pals is crucial for most battles, but getting legendary weapons enhances your versatility in different situations as well.

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There are six Palworld Legendary Schematics, with each offering unique advantages. Though locating them isn’t overly complex, this guide aims to streamline the process, pinpointing their precise locations for your benefit.

Palworld legendary schematics — legendary weapon schematics locations

Mammorest fight Palworld
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In this guide, we’ll detail the locations of all legendary weapons in Palworld, such as the Pump-Action Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Crossbow, Handgun, Old Bow, and Assault Rifle.

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Additionally, we recommend this method for swiftly getting weapons — before diving into farming, adjust the Day and Night Time Speed in the game’s World Settings to shorten waiting times.

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Keep in mind that the drop rate of Legendary Weapon Schematics is notably low, often requiring you to defeat the main boss multiple times before obtaining the weapon.

Palworld Legendary Schematics: Pump-Action Shotgun Schematic

Palworld pump shotgun location
Credit: LaserBolt YouTube Channel

To get the Legendary Pump-Action Shotgun, head into Duneshelter. Farming this weapon is a tough challenge due to the harsh sand biome and its boss, Suzaku. With the boss being level 45, careful consideration and preparation are essential before facing it. Additionally, pinpointing the boss’s location within the environment can be somewhat tricky.

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Palworld Legendary Schematics: Rocket Launcher Schematic

Palworld rocket launcher schematic location
Credit: LaserBolt YouTube Channel

Prepare yourself thoroughly before attempting to get the Rocket Launcher, as it ranks among the most challenging tasks. To begin, go to the Ruined Fortress City and make your way to its western section to confront Jetragon, a formidable enemy standing between you and the Rocket Launcher. As a level 50 boss with substantial resilience, facing him requires careful planning and readiness.

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Palworld Legendary Schematics: Handgun Schematic

Palworld handgun location
Credit: LaserBolt YouTube Channel

To get the Legendary Handgun schematic, make your way to the Deep Bamboo Thicket fast travel point. From there, head south until you reach a location where you find the boss, Beacon. The boss is relatively straightforward to defeat unless you’re significantly underleveled. Aim for a level of 35 or higher for optimal results. Additionally, consider bringing Pals adept at countering electric-type attacks for an advantage.

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Palworld Legendary Schematics: Assault Rifle Schematic

Palworld assault rifle legendary schematic location
Credit: LaserBolt YouTube Channel

Acquiring the Legendary Assault Rifle proves more challenging than anticipated. Begin by reaching the Foot of the Volcano fast travel point. From there, locate a cave entrance where you’ll confront Blazamut. Be prepared for a formidable battle, as the boss is a tough cookie, and navigating the harsh volcano biome adds to the challenge. It’s advisable to attain a high level before taking on this mission for the best chance of success.

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Palworld Legendary Schematics: Crossbow Schematic

Palworld legendary crossbow schematic location
Credit: LaserBolt YouTube Channel

The Legendary Crossbow is guarded by Bushi, a fire-type boss. Journey to the Sealed Realm of Swordmaster and head towards the southern region to confront this formidable boss. After engaging in battle, be sure to inspect the golden chest nearby. Occasionally, the boss may not drop these legendary items, but they can be found within the golden chest, so make sure to check that too.

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Palworld Legendary Schematics: Old Bow Schematic

Palworld old bow legendary schematic location
Credit: LaserBolt YouTube Channel

A lot easier to get, the Legendary Old Bow schematic falls as a drop from Alpha Kingpaca. You can find the boss towards the north-west of Small Settlement. We recommend getting this schematic first and then approach the rest. You need to be just level 10 or 15 in order to farm this weapon.

Palworld legendary schematics — legendary armor locations

Having a solid defense is as important as keeping the best weapons for attack in Palworld. There are four legendary armors in the game. We will provide their location and help you find them to upgrade your character.

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Palworld Legendary Schematics: Cloth Armor Schematic

Palworld cloth armor -- legendary schematic
Credit: LaserBolt YouTube Channel

An early armor piece you can farm is the Legendary Cloth Armor. Even at lower levels, defeating the boss is feasible. Upon starting the game, head north to Alpha Chillet. The boss poses minimal challenge, making it straightforward to defeat and farm.

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Palworld Legendary Schematics: Metal Helmet Schematic

Palworld helmet schedmatic location
Credit: LaserBolt YouTube Channel

Head towards the Land of Absolute Zero and proceed westward. There, you’ll encounter the Frostallion boss. Be sure to equip yourself adequately for the snow biome and enlist Pals proficient in combating snow-type foes before engaging.

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