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Recently, a gamer has fascinated many by accurately recreating the setting from the Attack on Titan in Palworld.

Palworld is an open-world survival game that has gained popularity since its January 2024 release. In the game, players must defeat Pal creatures to obtain resources and have them work for you.

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This game is a harmonious combination of titles that once dominated the gaming scene, such as ARK: Survival Evolved, a bit of the GTA series, and even Minecraft.

Players in the game therefore have the opportunity to unleash their creativity, building bases inspired by famous structures.

This player perfectly recreated Shiganshina district from Attack on Titan in Palworld

On the official Palworld subreddit, a user named /TryAgainBestie shared a base inspired by the Shiganshina district in Attack on Titan that’s still being built and is open to receiving feedback from others.

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Moreover, the Redditor revealed that they are also attempting to recreate the interior of the structure to resemble Attack on Titan as closely as possible.

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They shared a quick tutorial video on how to build a structure based on Attack on Titan in Palworld using in-game items so that you can give it a try too. Interestingly, the patterns, flooring, and walls in the game bear many similarities to the setting in the famous anime.

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