Diablo 4 brings with it both new as well as old mechanics, but one, in particular, has people quite confused.

There’s a new mechanic called lucky hit (LH), that has people scratching their heads. The reason for the question marks is the fact that many just assume a critical hit is exactly what this is, and yet that already exists as its own mechanic.

That’s because it’s actually not like that at all and is a much more nuanced mechanic.

Diablo 4 adds new mechanics and stats to the franchise

Asmongold levels up in the Diablo 4 beta
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

To explain it in the simplest terms, the LH mechanic is essentially the chance at which abilities will “proc.” For those who don’t know what it means when an ability procs, proc stands for programmed random occurrence.

What this means is that an item has a certain percentage chance to trigger an ability when it is used. It’s important to note that lucky hits only have the chance to trigger a lucky hit effect.

Therefore, raising your LH stat is giving you a greater chance of triggering any effect your item may have for the mechanic.

The new mechanic does nothing by itself, but can be crucial when you have a powerful skill proc on the table.

It can be a little complicated, but popular YouTuber Rhykker gives an example of how it might work in a recent video on his channel. He explains that sometimes the ability themselves have their own percentage chance of occurring, and therefore you have to apply both.

He shares that you could have a LH which gives you “a 10% chance to reset the cooldown of your skill.”

“So let’s say you’re using a skill that has a 50% lucky hit chance, and your lucky hit effect is a 10% chance to reduce the cooldown. Then in practice, this means that whenever you hit an enemy, there’s a 5% chance to trigger that lucky hit,” and therefore reduce the cooldown of the ability, he explains.

It’s not the simplest mechanic, but the overall gist of it is there are new procs that are based on this number. Improving that number will increase the chance at which a LH will happen, and the corresponding reaction will happen.

If you’re interested in learning more about each mechanic the game will have, he goes through all of them in detail in the video below.

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