With Diablo 4 launching soon, there is already plenty of information out there that can help you prepare with various tips and tricks.

One such source of information is from a video by DM: Diablo 4 on YouTube, who after playing over 100 hours of the review build, provided a list of “10 essential tips” he thinks every player should know heading into the game.

Important Diablo 4 tips to know before you start

  • Unlock your horse
  • Get your Altars of Lilith
  • Renown is crucial
  • Use XP potions
  • Don’t waste your Aspects
  • How you should gamble your Obols
  • Do the Tree of Whispers
  • Don’t waste your Nightmare Sigils
  • Get to World Tier 3 ASAP
  • Don’t waste gold, you’ll need it
Lillith graphic for Diablo 4
Credit: Activision Blizzard

Not all of these will apply to every person and their particular game style, but some are definitely going to be things you’ll want to do no matter what.

1. Unlock your horse

The massive movement speed bonus is the reason behind tip number one. Due to the sheer size of the world, being able to get around faster and beat any timers is going to be crucial and just make the game more enjoyable.

To do this, DM says you’ll want to “push through acts one, two, and three in order to get to the beginning of act four and get your horse.” This will make some of the other tips and tricks even easier.

2. Get your Altars of Lilith

Getting around and finding these Altars of Lilith is going to be way easier with your mount because there are a lot of them.

These are an important and powerful part of the game due to each one giving you a permanent boost to your stats. They’re located all over, sometimes hidden off the beaten path, and missing one could mean a lot of travel and missing out on even more power for your character.

Not to mention, you get renown from these, and we’re about to get into that.

3. Renown is crucial

Renown is in a way its own experience track that as you gain the points, you reach milestones and unlock goodies. The unlockables range from gold to Obols, skill points, and even Paragon points.

There are 10 total skill points from the renown track. This means without the renown track and the Altars of Lilith, you’ll be out big time when it comes to skill points, leaving a lot of power on the table.

4. Use XP potions

Who doesn’t want to level up and achieve their maximum potential even faster?

Well, if you don’t, then make sure you avoid taking any experience potions. If you do, however, then make sure you are keeping these ready to go, especially when turning in quests.

5% may not be a lot, but over the course of many hours in the game, it can add up to be a big boost to your experience and the speed at which you level up.

Diablo 4 Twitch drop Primal Instinct Mount
Credit: Activision Blizzard

5. Don’t waste your Aspects

This one is huge as it could leave you grinding way longer than you need to be later in the game.

The Aspect system is one of the ways you can put a specific perk onto a piece of gear. What you’ll want to do in order to decide if you want to use it right away or hold it until you’re deep into the endgame is turn on some specific settings.

Head into your settings, then gameplay, and turn on advanced tooltip compare and advanced tooltip information.

What this will do, is tell you what percentage the perk rolled at as well as the range for what it could have rolled. This means if it has a chance of being anywhere from 20-30% and you happened to get the 29% chance on it, you probably want to hold it until you have a late-game item that you’ll be using for a while.

6. How you should gamble your Obols

This may seem obvious, but the items you gamble on will determine which Aspects you can get from the items you get.

What this means is that if you are trying to get a big damage perk, you’ll only want to gamble on one-handed weapons. If you gamble on armor pieces, they’ll drop defensive perks and be a waste of your Obols.

So if you want a damage-based modifier, you’re going to want to gamble your Obols on weapons according to the video.

7. Do the Tree of Whispers

Unlocked after the Diablo 4 campaign is complete, the Tree of Whispers is an amazing way to level up your character while earning powerful items to help you progress.

By doing the various tasks the tree will mark on your map, you’ll earn points. You can then turn in those points for items, sometimes this even includes a “guaranteed legendary cache.”

You can even select specifically what things you want to get from doing these, so definitely make use of it to fill the slots you need!

Diablo 4 gem craft station
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

8. Don’t waste your Nightmare Sigils

A mistake that many will probably make, the Nightmare Sigils are a consume-on-use item.

What this means is that when you consume it to modify a dungeon. Upon use, it will mark a dungeon on the map for you to do with the modification.

The part that’s important to note is if you log off before doing the dungeon for any reason, that dungeon will close and the Nightmare Sigil will be gone. So make sure you can use it before you lose it!

9. Get to World Tier 3 ASAP

Given you can’t even get the Nightmare Sigils until you’ve reached World Tier 3, DM: Diablo 4 suggests getting there as soon as you can.

In order to do that, you’ll need to beat the capstone dungeons for the previous tier. Other benefits of getting into this World Tier include the new Sacred Legendary item drops. These only become available in that tier of more difficult content, so it’s not a bad plan.

If that sounds good to you, well you can always push even farther to World Tier 4 to start to get Ancestral Legendaries, the highest level in Diablo 4.

10. Don’t waste gold, you’ll need it

There are a lot of things that require gold in Diablo 4, and that includes changing your builds.

Because of this, DM: Diablo 4 recommends making sure you’re not too risky with your gold, or else you may be locked into a specific build for longer than you’d like to be.

It’s not super well known yet how easy it will be to make gold in the game, but definitely keep your eye on your resources.

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