If you’re playing Diablo 4, you’ve most likely reached a point where you simply had no other option than to return to town because your inventory was full.

What if I told you, you actually did have another option? One Reddit user has shared a tactic he uses to free up more space, and it’s not just dropping the lower-level items.

This trick will save you plenty of space and time in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 inventory screen
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

The user that goes by the name Born_Pension_8210, got around a full inventory by “throwing gems in gear that’s being salvaged.”

Essentially what you’ll want to do is figure out which gear in your inventory you’ll be salvaging rather than selling, and slot any gems taking space in your inventory into them.

The logic behind this is that once you salvage the gear, the gem gets returned to your inventory. Easy solution!

This allows you to continue to pick up gems alongside other gear, put the gems into the gear, and remove them taking up any space in your inventory!

We still think there should be a separate tab for gems altogether, but this is at least somewhat of a solution to the issue.

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