Add this to the list of things you never knew you wanted to see.

Fall Guys senior concept artist, Tudor Morris, recently shared an absolutely horrifying sketch he did during a lunchtime break, combining his love of “ruining nice things” with his love of speculative anatomy.

“This is a canonical representation of what’s inside a fall guy, we knew from the start that they weren’t as marketable like this so we gave them nice little cuddly suits,” stated Morris on his Instagram.

Despite its simple demeanor and jellybean body shape on the outside, the sketch shows an average Fall Guy with an Alien-like skeleton, featuring a tiny torso and velociraptor-like legs, but that’s not even the worst to be seen.

When examined closer, a Fall Guy’s eyes actually come out of its eyesocket and peer out into a pale-white pseudo-face. To add onto these creepy factual additions, all Fall Guys are exactly 183cm (6ft), giving them the perfect height to assert their dominance at Fall Mountain.

Though you can’t unsee the horror, Fall Guys will be revealing its second season sometime in October.

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