Breeding Pals is a key feature of Palworld, and you will spend a significant amount of time on it in your end-game.

Learning how to make cakes in Palworld is essential if you want to breed Pals.

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However, baking cakes is a lengthy process, and you’ll need lots of preparations to do. Here’s a ONE Esports guide on how you can do just that.

A comprehensive guide on how to make cakes in Palworld

Palworld How To Make Cakes
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

First, you’ll need the following ingredients to make cakes in Palworld

  • 5 Flour
  • 8 Red Berries
  • 7 Milk
  • 8 Eggs
  • 2 Honey
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When it comes to gathering ingredients for baking cakes, you have two main options: build a cake baking operation inside your base to collect the necessary ingredients yourself or accumulate a substantial amount of gold to purchase them directly from merchants.

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If you decide to construct a base to make cakes in Palworld, here is a step-by-step guide to help you build build one. 

Palworld How To Make Cakes breeding
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

If you want to have a functioning cake baking base, you’ll need to construct the following

Ranch550 stones, 20 wood, 30 fiber 
Berry Plantation53 berry seeds, 20 stones, 20 wood
Wheat Plantation153 wheat seeds, 35 stones, 35 wood
Cooking Pot1515 ingots, 20 wood, 3 flame organ
Mill1740 stones, 50 wood
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You’ll need the following Pals for cake ingredients

Caprity (optional)Red Berries
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You’ll also need Pals with the following work suitabilities to farm or operate the machinery

PlantingTanzee, Lifmunk, Lyleen (late game)
GatheringTanzee, Lifmunk, Lyleen (late game)
HandiworkTanzee, Lifmunk, Lyleen (late game)
WateringTeafant, Penking, Jormuntide (mid game)
KindlingFoxparks, Rooby, Jormuntide Ignis (late game)

The Base

The Ranch (Milk, Honey, Eggs)

Palworld How To Make Cakes Ranch
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

A ranch is a building in your base where you can assign some Pals to produce various items needed throughout the game. For example, if you assign a Mozzarina to your Ranch, it will produce milk. A ranch can hold up to four Pals.

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The Ranch is buildable once you reach level 5 and learn the ranch technology. After doing so, gather 50 stone, 20 wood, and 30 fiber to build a ranch inside your base.

When it is complete, summon your Mozzarina, Beegarde, and Chikipi to your base, and assign them to the ranch (this should be done automatically), and then they will produce milk, honey, and eggs needed for the cake.

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As for the fourth Pal, it is up to you. You can assign a Caprity as it’ll produce red berries, but since you will be building a Berry Plantation, it is entirely optional. Filling your last spot with the ingredient that is producing the slowest is recommended.

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If you are serious about making lots of cakes, building two ranches to speed up the process of gathering ingredients is an option.

Palworld How To Make Cakes Shadowbeak
Credit: Pocketpair

Berry Plantation (Red Berries)

Berry Plantations are pretty straightforward. It will produce red berries for you periodically.

Berry Plantations will become available once you have learned the technology at level 5. You’ll need three berry seeds (obtainable by picking up berries), 20 stones, and 20 wood.

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You’ll also need Pals that have the “Planting”, “Gathering”, “Handiwork” work suitability to operate the plantation. You don’t need Pals that can do all three, but at least one Pal that can do one of each.

Wheat Plantations and Mills (Flour)

Palworld How To Make Cakes Wheat Plantation and Mill
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

Wheat Plantations operate like Berry Plantations but require reaching level 15 for the technology. For starting one, three wheat seeds are necessary, obtainable from merchants or by capturing or defeating Bristlas, Flopies, or Dinossoms, along with 35 stones and 35 wood .

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Moreover, Mills are crucial for converting wheat into flour. Unlocking this option advancing to level 17 and gathering 40 stones and 50 wood for construction.

To get your mills running, you’ll need a Pal with a “Watering” work suitability.

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To produce flours, approach the mill, click “Select recipe”, click “Flour”, set the amount of flour you want to produce, and press “Start production”, and your Pal with the “Watering” work suitability will start producing flour automatically.

Palworld How To Make Cakes produce flour
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

Make sure to have wheat in your inventory or any of feed box or storages if you want to produce flours.

Cooking Pot (the Cake)

Palworld How To Make Cakes Cooking Pot
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

Last but not least, you’ll need a Cooking Pot to bake the cake. In order to make cakes, you need to reach level 15, and need 20 wood, 15 ingot, and three flame organs to construct one.

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To operate a cooking pot, a Pal with “Kindling” work suitability is needed. Once you have put your ingredients in your feedbox or storage containers, approach the Cooking Pot, click “Select recipe”, click “Cake”, set the amount of cakes you want to produce, and press “Start production”, and your Pal will bake the cake for you!

Palworld How To Make Cakes make cake
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

Do note that once you have reached level 41, you can build an Electric Kitchen, which can significantly accelerate the cake baking process and also highly recommended.

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To build one, you’ll need 30 refined ingots, five circuit boards, 20 charcoals, and five flame organs. You’ll also need electricity for that one.

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And that’s it! It will take a long to produce a cake, and you’ll need Pals with higher-tiered “Kindling” work suitability to produce them faster, but starting early is as good as any.

Happy baking!

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