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Coal in Palworld is an essential material for smelting into Refined Ingots, crucial for crafting many late-game items, including rifles, refined metal axes, advanced Assembly Lines, and late-game armor.

Palworld, a Pokémon-inspired survival game, where you catch Pals and send them to battle or to your base to help you survive in this open-world multiplayer RPG, has been making headlines.

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It broke records over its launch weekend with over 1 million concurrent players and has made over 6 million in sales in just 4 days.

Like many other survival games, gathering materials and crafting them is key to survival and defeating late-game bosses.

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Here’s a quick guide on how you can obtain coal in Palworld and farm it for smoother late-game progression.

Palworld how to get and farm coal in Palworld core ore screenshot
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A quick guide on how to get coal in Palworld

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Coal in Palworld is obtained by mining coal ores located in desert biomes. You can find a desert biome with heaps of coal ores in Twilight Dunes, northwest of the map.

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If you’re starting from the beginner’s zone, Plateau of Beginnings, it might be quite an adventure to get there, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to prepare for the late game.

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The coordinates are roughly -160, -88.

Palworld how to get and farm coal in Palworld core ore location map screenshot
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

Don’t forget to bring your pickaxes to mine the coal ore and obtain coal.

How to start a farm for coal in Palworld

Don’t want to travel back and forth just to mine coal and return to your base?

No worries.

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Here’s how to create a coal farm in Twilight Dunes, so you can have a constant supply of coal for smoother late-game progression.

Follow these steps:

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  1. Find an area with 3 or more coal ores.
  2. Build a base with basic necessities for your Pals.
  3. Send Pals with at least level 3 Mining and Transporting skills.

Build a base with basic necessities for your Pals

Palworld how to get and farm coal in Palworld Hot Spring screenshot
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

Your Pals will need basic necessities to operate. This includes a place to sleep, a healthy supply of food, and a Hot Spring for relaxation. Without these, they will refuse to work.

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You’ll need:

  • Straw Pal Beds (Level 3 technology): Each Pal requires a bed for rest. Construct these with 10 Wood and 5 Fiber per bed to ensure every Pal has a place to sleep.
  • Hot Spring (Level 9 technology): Maintain your Pals’ sanity with a Hot Spring. Letting their sanity fall too low will cause them to stop working. Construction requires 30 Wood, 15 Stones, 10 Paldium Fragments, and 10 Pal Fluids. Click here to read our guide on farming Pal Fluids.
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  • Wooden Chest (Level 2 technology): Keep your resources, like ores and other items, organized with a Wooden Chest. Materials stored in these chests are treated as part of your inventory, allowing you to build and craft within your base without carrying the materials. A chest needs 15 Wood and 5 Stones to build.
Palworld how to farm ingots in Palworld early game Feed Box screenshot
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

You may also want:

  • A Feed Box (Level 4 technology) is useful if you don’t want to individually feed Pals. They will automatically eat from the Feed Box whenever they are hungry. It requires 20 Wood to build.
  • A food farm, like a Berry Plantation (Level 5 technology), is helpful so you don’t have to manually put food in the Feed Box. To construct one, you’ll need 3 Berry Seeds, 20 Wood, and 20 Stones. Additionally, you will need Pals with skills in Planting, Watering, Farming, and Gathering.

Capture Pals with Level 3 Mining and Transporting

Palworld how to get and farm coal in Palworld Hot Spring screenshot
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

Once your base is set up, it’s time to assign Pals to work.

However, not just any Pals will do for your coal farm. Each Pal possesses unique Work Suitability skills that enable them to perform specific tasks in the base.

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To start a coal farm, you’ll need Pals with at least level 3 Mining and Transporting Work Suitability.

Work Suitability can be found on the bottom right side of your Paldeck.

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The best level 3 mining Pals available are Digtoise, which spawn around your coal base. Be cautious, as they are challenging to defeat and capture. If you choose to use Digtoise, remember to pair them with additional Pals having Transport Workability to move your ores into your Wooden Chest.

Palworld how to get and farm coal in Palworld Digtoise screenshot
Screenshot by: Ethan Shin/ONE Esports

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