Hideo Kojima, the visionary game creator renowned for his work on the iconic Metal Gear franchise, has announced his return to the action-espionage genre. 

In an announcement on February 1 during Sony’s State of Play showcase, Kojima revealed that he is crafting a brand-new original IP, marking his return to the gaming landscape.

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Kojima says his latest collaboration with Sony is a “next-generation action espionage game” called Physint. 

The upcoming game will also be Kojima’s attempt to combine gaming and cinematic experiences, which has become his new focus as a game creator.

What fans can expect from Hideo Kojima’s new Physint project with Sony

Hideo Kojima announces his return to the action espionage genre with Physint
Credit: PlayStation

While the development is still in its early stages, Kojima assured fans that production would kick into gear after he finished working on Death Stranding 2.

“We have extensive experience with Sony, having grown the espionage genre together for almost 30 years,” said Kojima. “Sony does not only games but also music and movies. It will definitely be a strong collaboration.”

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In a statement, Kojima expressed confidence that this title, set to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his game production career in two years, would be the culmination of his life’s work.

“We plan to bring together cutting-edge technology and talent from around the world to create it,” he continued. “Of course, it is an interactive game, but it is also a movie simultaneously in terms of look, story, theme, casting, acting, fashion, and sound.”

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Kojima’s reputation as a pioneer in the action-espionage genre was notably solidified through the Metal Gear franchise, which gained acclaim from 1987 to 2015.

Metal Gear Solid revolutionized the gaming industry with its exceptional storytelling and groundbreaking game mechanics, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in video games.

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The fallout with Konami during the production of Silent Hills and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain led to Kojima’s departure from the company. The Japanese game creator went on to establish Kojima Productions as an independent studio and partnered with Sony in 2016.

The potential return of Kojima to his action-espionage roots, supported by Sony, raises the exciting possibility of creating one of the most significant game franchises to date.

You can watch the announcement video below.

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