Helldivers 2 has received mostly positive reviews from gamers and critics alike, but its launch hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing as one usually expects from a PlayStation first-party title.

One such issue that many players seem to be struggling with is the Helldivers 2 failed to join game lobby error. 

If you have tried joining a friend’s or a random lobby in Helldivers 2, you may have already experienced this error multiple times, and if not, you are likely to face it sooner rather than later. As such, in this guide, we explain how to fix the failed to join game lobby error.

How to fix Helldivers 2 failed to join game lobby error 

Helldivers 2 failed to join game lobby error
Screenshot by Shreyansh Katsura / ONE Esports

Sadly, as of this writing, there’s no concrete way to fix the Helldivers 2 failed to join game lobby error. However, there are some troubleshooting methods that you can try to prevent the issue until an official fix arrives. 

Firstly, you may want to turn off crossplay in the game’s setting. Low bandwidth means lesser network congestion, which should ideally make matchmaking easier. You may also want to ensure that Matchmaking Privacy is set to Public, as you won’t be able to join a random lobby otherwise.

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As the error seems more prominent when you try to join a random game session, another viable approach is playing Helldivers 2 with friends. However, this issue exists even when you try to hop onto a friend’s lobby, though thankfully, it’s infrequent here. 

Lastly, you may want to shut down and restart Helldivers 2 to fix the lobby error. It seems to have worked for some players and is definitely a good step to take when nothing else works. 

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However, given that this Helldivers 2 game lobby error is primarily a network issue, the best thing to do is simply wait for an official fix from Arrowhead Game Studio.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know to fix Helldivers 2 failed to join game lobby error.

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