If you want a stealthy approach, then the Ghost TV Camo MW3 is the perfect gear perk for you in-game.

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In this comprehensive guide, you will learn the impact of Ghost TV Camo MW3 in your gameplay, along with detailed instructions on how to unlock it.

What is Ghost TV Camo MW3?

Ghost Camo MW3 gear perk in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
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Ghost TV Camo is one of the gear perks available in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, together with EOD Padding, Tac Mask, Mission Control Comlink, Bone Conduction Headset, and L/R Detector.

When equipped, it blocks detection by UAVs, enemy radar sensors, and heartbeat sensors while you are moving.

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Furthermore, a notable buff to the perk in the December 14 update grants you a two-second window of undetectability upon stopping.

Using the Ghost TV Camo MW3 empowers you to sneak around the map without getting caught by enemy radars, allowing for stealthy elimination of your opponents.

How to unlock Ghost TV Camo MW3

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The Ghost TV Camo can be acquired via the Armory Unlocks system, which enables you to unlock weapons, equipment, perks, kill streaks, and cosmetics.

In order to get access to Armory Unlocks, you need to reach level 25. Once you’ve accessed it, go to the “Perks” section within Armory Unlocks to easily locate the Ghost TV Camo.

To unlock the said gear perk, you need to activate it first, then complete three daily challenges.

It’s important to note that when you’ve just activated the Ghost TV Camo in Armory Unlocks after finishing the daily challenges, it will not get automatically unlocked. So, make sure to activate it before doing the tasks.

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Consequently, you will need to wait for the daily challenges to refresh, and attempt to earn the Ghost TV Camo.

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