The overworld of Palworld is enormous and filled with different terrains, and to fully explore it, you need a fast flying mount.

Seeing that, we are here to help you out with our guide that not only talks about the fastest flying mount Palworld has to offer, but also shares its location and explains how you can capture it. 

Which Pal is the fastest flying mount in Palworld 

Jetragon Palworld
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj / ONE Esports

The fastest flying mount in Palworld is the Jetragon, boasting a base speed of 1700 and a sprint speed of 3300. There is no other land or air mount in the game that can go as fast as Jetragon.

Even the second fastest mount, Frostallion, and its nuanced version, Frostallion Noct, offers a base speed of 1000 and a sprint speed of 1500, which is nowhere closer to Jetragon’s whooping 3300. 

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That being said, there are also certain passives in Palworld that you can get when you capture a Pal that increases their speed. These are:

  • Nimble – 10.0% increase in movement speed
  • Runner – 20.0% increase in movement speed
  • Swift – 30.0% increase in movement speed
  • Legend – Attack +20%, Defense+20%, 15.0% increase to movement speed

But, even if you get a Pal with Swift passive, they cannot be as fast as Jetragon, making him the fastest mount in the entirety of Palworld. 

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How to capture Jetragon in Palworld

Fastest flying mount Palworld capture Jetragon
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj / ONE Esports

In Palworld, you can capture Jetragon, similar to any other Pal, by lowering his HP until you have a higher capture rate and then throwing the high-level Sphere. But, unlike most of the Pals in the game, Jetragon doesn’t spawn as a typical Pal in the overworld. Instead, Jetragon serves as a world boss you can find in a specific location. 

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Note: You can also obtain Jetragon through the Incubation process by incubating Huge Dragon Eggs. The birth depends on RNG, but it’s still a better option for low level players than fighting a Level 50 Jetragon. 

Where to find Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon location Palworld
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj / ONE Esports

You can find also find the Pal northwest of Mount Posidian Midpoint teleport waypoint at -789, -319 coordinates. We have highlighted the location in the above map screenshot to make things easier for you. 

That concludes our guide on Palworld’s fastest mount and how to get it. 

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