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The Rainbow Six Siege esports scene takes center stage as the BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 kicks off. 

This premier tournament brings together 20 elite teams from across the globe, all competing for a hefty US$750,000 prize pool.

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Each victory earns teams crucial Six Invitational Global Points, the circuit points required to secure a spot at this year’s Rainbow 6 Siege World Championship.

Prepare to witness strategic brilliance and high-stakes action unfold as the world’s best Siege teams battle it in Manchester.

What is the BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024?

All Rainbow 6 Siege female Operators highlighted by Ubisoft in their Mother's Day post for 2024
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The R6 Major Manchester is the first S-tier LAN event of the BLAST R6 2024 season. It is held at the B.E.C Arena, a venue with a capacity of 4,500 located in the heart of Manchester.

The second global event, the BLAST R6 Major Montreal 2024, will take place on November 1, 2024.

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Teams that accumulate the most Global Points by the end of the season will qualify for the Six Invitational 2025, which takes place early next year.

BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 format

BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 key visual
Credit: Ubisoft
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The BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 features a three-stage competition format to whittle down the best teams.

The first stage throws eight teams into a double-elimination gauntlet. Here, only the top performers survive and advance. Eight teams compete in best-of-three matches, where the first team to win two maps advances. Only the top four teams progress to Phase 2.

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The second stage shifts gears to a Swiss System, where teams with similar win-loss records face off. 16 teams—the four qualifiers from Phase 1 and 12 pre-qualified teams—compete. Most matches are best-of-one, while elimination matches are best-of-three. The top eight teams with the most wins and least losses advance to Phase 3.

The third stage has the remaining eight teams enter a single-elimination bracket. Eight teams compete in best-of-three matches for the quarterfinals and semifinals.

The grand final is a best-of-five, with standard overtime rules in case of a tie. The winner of this final clash is crowned the champion of the BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024.

BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 schedule and results

Phase 1

May 16 — Upper bracket quarterfinals

Spacestation2 — 0Team Cruelty
Bleed Esports2 — 0CAG Osaka
FearX0 — 2Geekay Esports
Team Liquid2 — 1G2 Esports

May 17

Upper bracket semifinals

Bleed Esports1 — 2Spacestation
Geekay Esports0 — 2Team Liquid

Lower bracket quarterfinal

CAG Osaka2 — 0Team Cruelty
FearX2 — 1G2 Esports

Lower bracket semifinal

Geekay Esports0 — 2CAG Osaka
Bleed Esports2 — 1FearX

Phase 2 standings

May 19 — Round 1 matches

PSG5 — 7Bleed Esports
SCARZ7 — 4CAG Osaka
FaZe Clan3 — 7Team Secret
T13 — 7Team Bliss
beastcoast4 — 7DarkZero Esports
Into The Breach7 — 4Spacestation Gaming
M808 — 6Team Liquid

Round 2 high matches

Into The Breach5 — 7Bleed Esports
M805 — 7Team Bliss
DarkZero Esports5 — 7Team Secret

Round 2 low matches

beastcoast7 — 3CAG Osaka
FaZe Clan7 — 5Team Liquid
Team BDS7 — 5Spacestation
E1 Esports7 — 8PSG

May 20

Round 3 high matches

Team Secret2 — 0Team Bliss
Bleed Esports0 — 2FURIA

Round 3 mid matches

DarkZero Esports7 — 2SCARZ
FaZe Clan8 — 7beastcost
Team BDS6 — 8PSG
Into The Breach0 — 7M80

Round 3 low matches

E1 Sports0 — 2CAG Osaka
Team Liquid2 — 1Spacestation

E1 Sports and Spacestation eliminated.

May 21

Round 4 high matches

Bleed Esports0 — 2M80
FaZe Clan2 — 0PSG
DarkZero Esports2 — 0Team Bliss

Round 4 low matches

SCARZ0 — 2Team Liquid
beastcoast0 — 2Into The Breach
CAG Osaka1 — 2Team BDS

May 22 — Round 5 matches

Team Bliss0 — 2Team BDS
Bleed Esports0 — 2Team Liquid
beastcoast2 — 0PSG

Phase 3

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May 24 — Quarterfinals

Team Secret0 — 2Team BDS
DarkZero Esports2 — 0M80
FURIA1 — 2Team Liquid
FaZe Clan0 — 2beastcoast

May 25 — Semifinals

Team BDS2 — 0DarkZero Esports
Team Liquid0 — 2beastcoast

May 26 — Grand final

Team BDS2 — 3beastcoast

BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 participating teams

Rainbow Six International 2024 tournament showing the live crowd in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Credit: Ubisoft, Erica Nanmalay
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G2 EsportsEurope LCQ winner
Spacestation GamingNorth America LCQ winner
Team LiquidBrazil LCQ winner
CAG OsakaJapan LCQ winner
FearXSouth Korea LCQ winner
Team CrueltyLATAM League Stage 1 winner
Bleed EsportsAsia League Stage 1 winner
Geekay EsportsMENA League Stage 1 winner
Team BDSQualified through Europe League Stage 1
Into The BreachQualified through Europe League Stage 1
Team SecretQualified through Europe League Stage 1
beastcoastQualified through North America League Stage 1
M80Qualified through North America League Stage 1
DarkZero EsportsQualified through North America League Stage 1
FaZe ClanQualified through Brazil League Stage 1
E1 SportsQualified through Brazil League Stage 1
FURIA EsportsQualified through Brazil League Stage 1
SCARZQualified through Japan League Stage 1
PSG TalonQualified through South Korea League Stage 1
Team BlissQualified through Oceania League Stage 1

BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 standing and prize distribution

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2ndTeam BDS260US$92,000
3rdDarkZero Esports200US$51,000
4thTeam Liquid200US$51,000
5thTeam Secret170US$30,000
7thFURIA Esports170US$30,000
8thFaZe Clan170US$30,000
9thTeam Bliss105US$21,500
10thBleed Esports105US$21,500
11thPSG Talon105US$21,500
13thInto The Breach65US$19,500
14thCAG Osaka65US$19,500
16thE1 Sports55US$17,000
17thGeekay Esports45US$15,500
19thTeam Cruelty45US$15,500
20thG2 Esports45US$15,500

Where to watch BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024

You can watch the games live on Rainbow 6 Siege’s official YouTube and Twitch channels.

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