Destiny 2’s light and darkness saga is nearing its conclusion with the game’s Final Shape expansion, in which the guardians will finally face off against the enigmatic villain, The Witness. 

But will there be a Destiny 3? In this guide, we shed some light on this much-asked question. 

Destiny 2 The Final Shape won’t be the end of Destiny 2, as the game’s three-month-long seasonal model will pivot to a four-month-long episodic model, with new and exciting content to keep players engaged.

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Is Bungie making Destiny 3?

Destiny 2 Into the Light release date graphic
Credit: Bungie

As of this writing, Bungie hasn’t announced or suggested it’s working on Destiny 3. However, an interesting leak from early 2024 indicates that Bungie is indeed working on Destiny 3 and its codenamed ‘Payback.’

Interestingly enough, the Reddit user who made such a bold claim about Destiny 3 also revealed that Bungie is working on a new system called ‘Prism,’ which allows players to combine Light and Dark subclasses. 

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Suffice it to say that information turned out to be correct as Bungie recently revealed the Prismatic subclass as one of the key new additions to the Final Shape. Prismatic will allow players to mix and match abilities from Dark and Light subclasses to carve unique builds and hybrid playstyles. 

Since ONE Esports doesn’t cover leaks in general, we won’t share the link to the comment, though players can find it on the Destiny2Leaks Reddit page. 

Destiny 2 gameplay -- will there be a Destiny 3?
Credit: Bungie

Will there be a Destiny 3?

With all that said, a Destiny 3 would make plenty of sense, primarily because Destiny 2 has a massive player base and the franchise still has a ton of potential for depicting more groundbreaking narratives and introducing innovative gameplay mechanics. 

It goes without saying, but a Destiny 3 would cost millions of dollars to develop, not to mention a lengthy dev cycle, but this is where PlayStation’s resources should come into play. For those unaware, the Japanese giant acquired Bungie in 2022 for a whopping $3.6 billion. 

If Destiny 3 does happen, it will be a while before players get their hands on it. Bungie is currently working on its upcoming free-to-play extraction-shooter Marathon, which is expected to be released sometime in 2025.

As such, if Destiny 3 were to happen, players shouldn’t expect it until the next generation of consoles arrives.

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