​​Destiny 2 The Final Shape introduces many game-changing features, such as the new Prismatic subclass that lets you mix and match Light and Darkness abilities.

Prismatic will open up numerous buildcrafting potential, but Bungie intends to go further with another notable addition called exotic class items. 

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In the The Final Shape update, Bungie will add Destiny 2 exotic class items – a new batch of exotics that can roll with two random exotic perks from the existing pool of exotic armor perks. 

Destiny 2 Prismatic subclass image for ONE Esports' article explaining the new subclass in the game
Credit: Bungle, ONE Esports
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What’s great about the exotic class items is that these rolls can include perks of classes other than the one you’re currently using, which should open up, even more, build options.

But how do you unlock exotic class items in Destiny 2? In this guide, we diligently answer that question for you. 

How to farm Destiny 2 exotic class items

Destiny 2 Prismatic gameplay warlock
Credit: Bungie

You can get Destiny 2 exotic class items by farming a brand-new activity in The Final Shape.

As of this writing, we don’t know what this activity will be but Bungie has confirmed that it will be added in the second week after the release of the Final Shape expansion, after we get World’s first for the upcoming Raid. 

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This unknown post-Final Shape in-game activity will be farmable and is guaranteed to drop random rolls of these new exotic class items in Destiny 2. 

The exotic class items will roll with a limited, carefully curated selection of perks, which Bungie claims will capture the “spirit” of the original exotic gear.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape gameplay
Credit: Bungie

 To make things manageable and to prevent those original exotics from becoming redundant, the studio has narrowed the perk effects that roll with exotic class items. 

Hence, if you’re just starting up, it would still be worth farming those original exotic armor pieces as much as to farm these new exotic class items.

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