Destiny 2 Into the Light, the game’s upcoming free update, is bringing back several iconic Destiny 2 weapons with new looks and perks. These are Brave weapons and will be available only for a limited time. 

All the of the Destiny 2 Into the Light weapons returning are some of the game’s notable raid, campaign, seasonal, and world weapons that got vaulted or are locked behind expansion packs, but they will all be available for free in Into the Light.

Into the Light aims to fill the content draught in Destiny 2 until The Final Shape expansion arrives in June, with a new PvE activity named Onslaught, a new exotic mission, and new weapons for you to pursue.

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Every returning item in Destiny 2 Into the Light weapons list

Destiny 2 Into the Light weapons
Credit: Bungie

Below you can find all of the Destiny 2 Into the Light weapons that are returning to the game along with their perks, types, and elements.

Blast FurnacePulse RifleThird column: Zen Moment, Snapshot, Shoot to Loot, Keep Away, Perpetual Motion, Kinetic Tremors, and Headseeker. 
Fourth column: Kill Clip, Firefly, One for All, Frenzy, Rampage, Rapid Hit, and Desperate Measures
Edge TransitGrenade LauncherThird column: Chain Reaction, Cascade Point, Impulse Amplifier, Field Prep, Ambitious Assassin, Envious Assassin, and Repulsor Brace
Fourth column: Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Deconstruction, One for All, Bait and Switch, Full Court, and Explosive Light
Elsie’s RiflePulse RifleThird column: Feeding Frenzy, Zen Moment, Repulsor Brace, Loose Change, Keep Away, Under-Over, and Rewind Rounds
Fourth column: Adrenaline Junkie, Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Kill Clip, Desperado, Desperate Measures, and Headseeker
ForbearanceGrenade LauncherThird column: Unrelenting, Stats for All, Demolitionist, Ambitious Assassin, Surplus, Steady Hands, and Disruption Break
Fourth column: Wellspring, Golden Tricorn, One for All, Bait and Switch, Chain Reaction, Rampage, and Desperate Measures
Falling GuillotineSwordThird Column: Vorpal Weapon, Relentless Strikes, Repulsor Brace, Frenzy, Attrition Orbs, Chain Reaction, and Duelist’s Trance
Fourth Column: Surrounded, Whirlwind Blade, Destabilizing Rounds, Eager Edge, Bait and Switch, Sword Logic, and Desperate Measures. 
Hung Jury SR4Scout RifleThird column: Rewind Rounds, Enlightened Action, Kinetic Tremors, Rapid Hit, Shoot to Loot, No Distractions, and Loose Change
Fourth column: One for All, Cascade Point, Box Breathing, Firefly, Precision Instrument, Desperate Measures, and Explosive Rounds
HammerheadMachine GunThird column: Feeding Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Envious Assassin, Rampage, Fourth Time’s the Charm, Rewind Rounds, and Under-Over. 
Fourth column: Surrounded, High-Impact Reserves, Target Lock, Onslaught, Killing Tally, Desperate Measures, and Tap the Trigger.
Midnight CoupHand CannonThird column: Outlaw, Firefly, Shoot to Loot, Explosive Payload, Moving Target, Attrition Orbs, and Enlightened Action
Fourth column: Rampage, Kinetic Tremors, Zen Moment, One for All, Frenzy, Opening Shot, and Desperate Measures
Luna’s HowlHand CannonThird column: Eye of the Storm, Subsistence, Discord, Encore, Slideshot, Enlightened Action, and Heal Clip
Fourth column: Magnificent Howl, Kill Clip, Incandescent, Desperate Measures, Opening Shot, Precision Instrument, and Harmony. 
SuccessionSniper RifleThird column: Moving Target, No Distractions, Lead from Gold, Reconstruction, Firmly Planted, Demolitionist, and Discord.
Fourth column: Snapshot Sights, Redirection, Recombination, Vorpal Weapon, Focused Fury, Firing Line, Box Breathing, and Desperate Measures. 
The MountaintopGrenade LauncherThird column: Ambitious Assassin, Impulse Amplifier, Demolitionist, Lead from Gold, Slickdraw, Auto-Loading Holster, and Overflow. 
Fourth column: Rampage, Vorpal Weapon, Adrenaline Junkie, One for All, Harmony, Recombination, and Frenzy
The RecluseSubmachine GunThird column: Feeding Frenzy, Enlightened Action, Subsistence, Threat Detector, Repulsor Brace, Hip-Fire Grip, and Dynamic Sway Reduction. 
Fourth column: Master of Arms, Target Lock, Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Surrounded, Tap the Trigger, and Desperate Measures.

All returning weapons feature new origin traits and can be unlocked by completing quests for Arcite 99-40. Once you have unlocked the weapon, you can get subsequent random rolls by running the new Onslaught activity. 

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These weapons will not be craftable, but you will be able to enhance their perks. Furthermore, you can attune these weapons in the game’s new social space, Hall of Champions, for curated drops. 

In addition to new Into the Light weapons, the update is also bringing new armor sets for each class and the Superblack shader. 

Destiny 2 Into the Light arrives on April 9, 2024.

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