So, for the duration of MPLI, ONE Esports are running a Fantasy Challenge with Diamonds on the line for the top performers.

Yesterday, I shared some tips for how to score Fantasy Tokens playing Pick’Em, and today I’m gonna teach you some easy-to-follow guidelines to scoring big on MPLI Live Fantasy.

How to win at ONE Esports MPLI Live Fantasy

Now, first of all, I only recommend this to the truly devoted viewers of the game. You gotta watch the game live which you can do on one of the ONE Esports channels, or you can even watch on the ONE Esports website itself.

Earning points on Live Fantasy is actually pretty simple, you just need to select players who you think will earn kills, Lords, or Turtles throughout the game. So let’s get into optimizing your picks to help you score those big tokens! 

First, start by deciding who you think will win the game as a baseline. You’ve probably already done this in Pick’Em. After that, we need to do a wee bit of research.

Every MPL region has its own website with clear stats for each team within that region. The stats you are looking for are KDA (especially the K part), lord stats, and turtle stats. If this is way too much work, don’t worry, I gotchu. Out of the four players available, identify the Jungler, Mage, and Gold Laner from the team you think will win. The last pick can be from the opposing team or you can see below for more advice on your last pick.

Now you could just stop here, but if you want to be even more accurate and confident in your selections, hero picks and the general meta play quite a big role, especially if you see some stranger picks outside of what you are used to seeing in the competitive scene. The performance of players can vary immensely on the day and that’s something you can’t help. 

Take a look at this meta picks breakdown article written by MPL ID analyst Om Wawa, and this article highlighting the meta heroes by ONE Esports writer Jules Elona, and identify the picks with the highest kill potential.

You are gonna be looking for kill and execute potential so heroes like Natalia, Pharsa, Hayabusa, Lancelot, Yi Sun-Shin, are all gonna be ones to watch out for.

Keep in mind though that Assassins are generally risky and can be hard countered by the right comp. They will get some form of kills but if you are expecting Savages every second then you gotta be more realistic.

Last picks cheat sheet

Lastly, here are some off picks that will guarantee you points if you aren’t sure about your last picks.

  • Balmond Jungle that can secure Lord/Turtle objectives with his Ult + retribution if he gets close enough.
  • Natalia Support, designed to attain and gain a high amount of executions early in the game.
  • Karina Jungle has been nerfed but overall will still attain kills regardless of the opponent within the first 6-7 minutes of the game.
  • Chou/Jawhead, these supports pick up a surprising amount of kills early on in the game and are usually the ones running opponents down to secure lethal.
  • Aldous, who has been rising in the meta but has quite a unique win condition. He’s not as reliable as Alice when it comes to stacking but once he has 500 stacks that man’s gonna One-Punch Man his KDA after 13 minutes.

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