Two-time back-to-back The International champions OG were unsuccessful in qualifying for the upcoming WePlay AniMajor.

After underperforming in two regional league seasons in the Western European division, the former TI8 and TI9 champions do not have any opportunities left to earn DPC 2021 Points to reach The International 10.

OG’s last chance to qualify for The International 10

So if they hope to win their third straight TI championship, they’ll have to battle through the dreaded Last Chance Qualifiers for TI10.

OG aren’t strangers to Last Chance Qualifiers. They actually started their legendary DPC run during Europe’s Last Chance Qualifiers right before TI8.

OG defeated Wind and Rain to become the final representatives for the region. They then made their Cinderella run and won TI8, as well as TI9 the following year.

Valve has yet to announce the dates of the Last Chance Qualifiers for The International 10.

OG’s mediocre DPC 2021 performances

The legendary European squad lost to Team Liquid during the final match of the DreamLeague Season 15 DPC Western Europe Upper Division.

They finished with the same 3-4 record as Brame and Tundra Esports, which resulted in a three-way tiebreaker at the end of the DPC 2021 season.

With all three teams tied in fifth place, OG, Brame, and Tundra Esports will be competing in a best-of-one round-robin format, with the losing team relegated to the Western Europe Lower Division next season.

In the previous DreamLeague Season 14 DPC EU Upper Division, OG finished with the same 3-4 record, but lost to Team Liquid in the tiebreakers. Team Liquid went on to compete at the ONE Esports Singapore Major.

OG will compete against Brame and Tundra Esports on May 22 in an attempt to avoid the Lower Division next season.

Catch the matches live on DreamLeague’s official Twitch channel. The detailed schedule will be available on DreamHack’s Twitter.

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