Invictus Gaming has announced that in its latest round of COVID-19 tests, the team’s offlane player, Thiay “JT-” Jun Wen, has tested positive. This result comes just one week before The International 10 begins.

Invictus Gaming is one of the five Chinese teams attending this year’s The International 10. IG made it by securing first place in season one of the Chinese DPC and winning the Singapore Major.

JT- is in self quarantine while the rest of the team will be re-tested

After the news on September 28 that multiple members of Team Aster tested positive for COVID-19, Invictus Gaming ran a round of tests on their players and staff.

While all members of IG tested negative, on September 29 JT- mentioned feeling unwell and was administered another COVID-19 test. The results returned positive and since then he has self-isolated from the rest of the staff in his room.

IG has announced that JT-‘s fever is subsiding and that the rest of the staff will undergo another round of testing.

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