Evil Geniuses today eliminated beastcoast from the tournament in a clean 2-0 series, thanks to a Death Prophet masterclass from midlaner Jean “Chris Luck” Salazar in game one.

It was yet another high-stakes clash between the two South American powerhouses. Both teams underwent what were essentially player swaps in the offseason, with two players ending up on the other squad. Under the Thunder Awaken banner, EG eliminated beastcoast from The International 11 last year, while beastcoast finished first in Tour 1 of the Dota Pro Circuit with a victory over EG.

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Fearless Chris Luck dives beastcoast with signature Death Prophet

Though it was Chris Luck who recorded five kills, it was truly a team effort from his allies who refused to back down.

It first started with Jose “Pandaboo” Hernandez’s Clockwerk finding two heroes, Leshrach and Treant Protector, in the river. Treant fell switfly to EG’s countless nukes, with beastcoast’s Ember Spirit trying in vain to save his support.

Despite falling to half health, Chris Luck popped his ultimate Exorcism to continue the fight. Chasing down the Leshrac was a simple task, though the slippery Ember Spirit was another matter. He secured his third kill when Treant bought back, trying to stall EG’s relentless advances.

Even the personification of fire runs out of steam. Ember, with all his Fire Remnants on cooldown, eventually succumbed to Death Prophet’s Exorcism. Beastcoast’s Héctor “K1” Rodríguez showed up late to the party, trying to end Chris Luck’s life with Eclipse.

Alas, Chris’ high movement speed with Phase Boots and Eul’s Scepter meant that he easily outran the Luna, surviving with less than 200 health. With the rest of EG bearing down on K1, all Chris Luck had to do to complete his rampage was Crypt Swarm a low-health Luna — which he promptly did.

This was just five out of the 19 kills, zero deaths, and 13 assists Chris Luck eventually accrued, en route to a 29-minute victory off the back of the midlaner’s stellar performance.

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