Updated on January 31, 9:21 a.m. (GMT+8): Updated results.

The Dota Pro Circuit is back in 2023, and the DPC SA 2023 Tour 1 Division 1 is a must-watch.

South American Dota surged forth to become one of the most exciting regions last year. Thunder Awaken and beastcoast — the same ten players now in different configurations on Evil Geniuses and beastcoast — both finished in the top eight of The International 11.

The then-Thunder Awaken roster also became the first-ever SA team to break into the top six at a TI event.

What is the DPC SA 2023 Tour 1 Division 1?

beastcoast Chris Luck at TI11 playoffs
Credit: Valve

This Regional League is the first of three Tours for the Dota Pro Circuit this year.

Besides prize money, teams fight for a variety of opportunities. The top two teams from the Southeast Asian region qualify for the first Major of the season. The top six teams stay in Division 1 for the next Tour, while the bottom two teams will be relegated to Division 2.

DPC SA 2023 Tour 1 Division 1 Standings

1stbeastcoast14 — 27 — 0
2ndEvil Geniuses12 — 36 — 1
3rdAlliance.LATAM7 — 103 — 4
4thKeyd Stars7 — 93 — 4
5thThunder Awaken6 — 93 — 4
6thInfinity6 — 93 — 5
7thRavens6 — 112 — 5
8thInfamous7 — 121 — 6

DPC SA 2023 Tour 1 Division 1 schedule and results

Week one

January 10

beastcoast2 – 0Keyd Stars
Thunder Awaken2 – 0Ravens
Alliance.LATAM0 – 2Infinity

January 13

Evil Geniuses2 – 0Infinity
Infamous1 – 2beastcoast
Keyd Stars2 – 1Ravens

January 15

Infamous1 – 2Alliance.LATAM
Keyd Stars2 – 0Thunder Awaken
beastcoast2 – 0Infinity

Week two

January 17

Keyd Stars2 – 0Alliance.LATAM
Thunder Awaken2 – 0Infinity
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Ravens

January 19

Infamous1 – 2Thunder Awaken
beastcoast2 – 0Ravens
Keyd Stars1 – 2Evil Geniuses

January 22

Alliance.LATAM2 – 1Ravens
Infinity2 – 0Keyd Stars
Infamous0 – 2Evil Geniuses

Week three

January 24

Alliance.LATAM1 – 2beastcoast
Infinity2 – 1Infamous
Thunder Awaken0 – 2Evil Geniuses

January 26

Ravens2 – 1Infamous
Alliance.LATAM0 – 2Evil Geniuses
beastcoast2 – 0Thunder Awaken

January 29

Infinity0 – 2Ravens
Infamous2 – 0Keyd Stars
Thunder Awaken0 – 2Alliance.LATAM
Evil Geniuses0 – 2beastcoast

January 31


3rd to 6th place

Keyd Stars1 – 0Infinity
Alliance.LATAM1 – 0Thunder Awaken
Infinity0 – 1Thunder Awaken
Keyd Stars0 – 1Alliance.LATAM
Infinity0 – 1Alliance.LATAM
Keyd Stars1 – 0Thunder Awaken

Format of DPC SA 2023 Tour 1 Division 1

Dota 2 TI11 playoffs Thunder Awaken Pakazs
Credit: Valve

All eight teams in the Regional League will periodically play each other in a round-robin best-of-three.

Tiebreakers will only be played if it affects qualification — for Majors and relegation. A two-way tie will trigger a best-of-three tiebreaker. If there are more than two teams tied, the tiebreaker will be a best-of-one instead.

The top two teams qualify for the first Major of the season.

DPC SA 2023 Tour 1 Division 1 prize pool and points

Beastcoast's new Dota 2 roster for the next DPC season
Credit: beastcoast

The DPC SA 2023 Tour 1 Division 1’s regional league will have a total prize pool of US$205,000, along with 690 DPC points.

1stbeastcoastQualifies to first Major300US$30,000
2ndEvil GeniusesQualifies to first Major180US$28,000
3rdAlliance.LATAMRemains in Division 1 for Tour 2120US$27,000
4thKeyd StarsRemains in Division 1 for Tour 260US$26,000
5thThunder AwakenRemains in Division 1 for Tour 230US$25,000
6thInfinityRemains in Division 1 for Tour 2US$24,000
7thRavensRelegated to Division 2 for Tour 2US$23,000
8thInfamousRelegated to Division 2 for Tour 2US$22,000

Teams competing in DPC SA 2023 Tour 1 Division 1

Thunder Awaken1st
Alliance.LATAMNew team (Formerly Tempest’s slot)
Evil GeniusesNew team (Formerly SG esports’ slot)
Keyd StarsNew team (Formerly Wolf Team’s slot)
InfinityNew team (Formerly No Runes’ slot)
RavensPromoted from Division 2 (2nd)

Where to watch DPC SA 2023 Tour 1 Division 1

You can watch games live on EGB’s official Twitch or YouTube channels.

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