Carry player Kamil “Koma`” Biktimirov made his official debut with Virtus Pro at the start of December in the Dota 2 Championship League Season 17. 

He was part of the organization’s roster rebuild that intended to compete in DPC 2023 season.

However, the young Russian player’s Dota 2 career now looks uncertain after he was indefinitely banned by Valve and PGL. Koma` was caught using another player’s account during an official match that took place during the first tour of the DPC 2022 season.

After PGL made their announcement, Koma` released a public statement on his personal account.

Koma` admits to playing on another player’s account during an official Valve tournament

Virtus Pro's new Dota 2 roster for the DPC 2023 season
Credit: Virtus Pro

The Dota Pro Circuit has strict rules when it comes to participating in their official online matches. Players are only allowed to compete with the team they’re registered with. Koma` openly admitted that he broke this rule.

“I made a mistake, listened to the persuasions of other people, believed them, and played an official match from another account hoping to receive prize money from the tournament,” he said. “I fully admit my guilt. I apologize to the entire community and especially to the VP fans. I understand how much I let my club down, but I can’t do anything anymore.”

“I really wanted to be a Virtus Pro player, so I hid the fact of my offense during the tests for the team, hoping that no one would find out about it,” he continued. “I am 20 years old and Dota is my whole life. Now, it is put to rest, and no one except me and my decisions is to blame for this.”

Koma` agreed that he should be reprimanded for his actions but had asked Valve to amend his permanent ban.

“I agree that I should be punished for my mistake, but I will ask Valve to reduce the ban,” said Koma`. “I want to believe in the best, but I will accept any choice by Valve.”

VP’s new CEO Nikolai Petrossian made his own statement on Twitter, condemning players who manipulate the outcomes of professional esports matches.

“Shocked and saddened to see VP’s player in this black list,” he said. “Fair play, integrity, and sportsmanship — these are the values I personally believe in and VP is built on the same solid foundations and principles.”

VP has yet to announce the release of Koma` from their new Dota 2 roster. With the player indefinitely banned, VP will most likely field a new carry player for the DPC 2023 season.

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