After four days of exhilarating TI11 Group Stage action from the best Dota 2 squads in the world, we now have the 16 teams who’ve advanced to the TI11 Playoffs.

The top eight performing teams from TI11’s Group Stage have emerged and secured an upper bracket berth in The International 2022’s Main Event. Meanwhile, teams that finished in the middle of the pack will continue their TI11 run in the lower bracket.

All qualified teams that advanced for the TI11 Playoffs’ upper and lower bracket

TI11 Playoffs bracket
Credit: Valve/Wykrhm Reddy

The clear frontrunners in Group A are Evil Geniuses, the first team to advance into the upper bracket with a 14-4 record. Joining the North American squad in the upper bracket are the top-performing teams from Group A including PSG.LGD, Team Liquid, and OG.

Continuing their run in the lower bracket are Hokori, Royal Never Give Up, and Gaimin Gladiators. Meanwhile, the bottom three teams — Soniqs, BetBoom Team, and BOOM Esports — were forced into a three-way tiebreaker for the final lower bracket spot in Group A.

BOOM Esports ultimately emerged victorious, defeating and eliminating both Soniqs and BetBoom Team from TI11.

The games in Group B were close from start to finish, and Western European squads Tundra Esports and Team Secret were the two teams who ascended to the upper bracket.

South American squad Thunder Awaken were the surprise team in their group as they finished third. Lastly, Chinese squad Team Aster were the last team to secure an upper bracket spot in the playoffs.

Shockingly, Team Spirit didn’t look like the same squad that won TI10 as they finished most of their group stage matches with draws. The Russian squad will now have to make it out of the lower bracket if they hope to defend their TI trophy.

Similar to Spirit, Fnatic and beastcoast narrowly missed out on an upper bracket berth and will have to continue their TI11 run in the lower bracket. Eastern European team Entity became the last team to make it into the playoffs after they defeated Talon Esports in a best-of-three tiebreaker match.

TI11 Group Stage standings

TI11 Group Stage final results
Credit: Valve/Wykrhm Reddy

Group A

1stEvil Geniuses14 — 47 — 0 — 2Upper bracket
2ndTeam Liquid13 — 54 — 3 — 1Upper bracket
3rdPSG.LGD12 — 64 — 5 — 1Upper bracket
4thOG10 — 84 — 2 — 3Upper bracket
5thHokori9 — 92 — 5 — 2Lower bracket
6thRoyal Never Give Up9 — 94 — 1 — 4Lower bracket
7thGaimin Gladiators8 — 102 — 4 — 3Lower bracket
8thBOOM Esports5 — 131 — 3 — 5Lower bracket
9thBetBoom Team5 — 130 — 5 — 4Eliminated
10thSoniqs5 — 131 — 3 — 5Eliminated

Group B

1stTundra Esports14 — 45 — 4 — 0Upper bracket
2ndTeam Secret13 — 55 — 3 — 1Upper bracket
3rdThunder Awaken10 — 82 — 6 — 1Upper bracket
4thTeam Aster10 — 83 — 4 — 2Upper bracket
5thFnatic9 — 93 — 3 — 3Lower bracket
6thTeam Spirit9 — 91 — 7 — 1Lower bracket
7thbeastcoast8 — 102 — 4 — 3Lower bracket
8thEntity6 — 121 — 4 — 4Lower bracket
9thTalon Esports6 — 122 — 2 — 5Eliminated
10thTSM FTX5 — 110 — 5 — 3Eliminated

All teams are competing for TI11’s massive prize pool. At the time of writing, The International 2022’s prize pool sits at US$16,635,522.

Keep track of all the Dota 2 action with our guide to the complete schedule for The International 2022. All matches will be broadcast on PGL’s official Dota 2 Twitch and YouTube channels.

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