Updated on November 2 at 10:30 a.m. (GMT+8): Updated the official prize pool distribution.

Singapore plays host to The International 2022, the biggest Dota 2 event of the year.

The eleventh edition of the premier year-end event for Dota 2 pros moves to Southeast Asia for the first time. TI11 promises to be a spectacle for ardent fans, with players ready to stake their claim in a battle for the Aegis of Champions.

What is The International 11?

Dota 2 TI11 beastcoast Wisper, TSM FTX Saberlight
Credit: ONE Esports

TI11 is the culmination of the 2021-2022 Dota Pro Circuit, the capstone event for 20 of the world’s best Dota 2 teams.

With millions of dollars and glory on the line, only one team will lay claim to the Aegis of Champions, the pinnacle of a pro player’s career.

TI11 schedule and results

Dota 2 TI11 RNG Somnus, Soniqs Quinn
Credit: ONE Esports


October 20

Upper bracket quarterfinals

Evil Geniuses0 – 2Thunder Awaken
Team Secret2 – 0PSG.LGD

Lower bracket round 1

Hokori0 – 1beastcoast
Team Spirit0 – 1BOOM Esports
Fnatic0 – 1Gaimin Gladiators
Royal Never Give Up0 – 1Entity

Hokori, Team Spirit, Fnatic, and Royal Never Give Up have been eliminated from The International 2022.

October 21

Upper bracket quarterfinals

Tundra Esports2 – 0OG
Team Liquid0 – 2Team Aster

Lower bracket round 2

Evil Geniuses0 – 2beastcoast
PSG.LGD2 – 0BOOM Esports

October 22

Lower bracket round 2

Gaimin Gladiators1 – 2OG
Entity1 – 2Team Liquid

Upper bracket semifinals

Thunder Awaken0 – 2Team Secret
Tundra Esports2 – 0Team Aster

October 23

Lower bracket round 3

beastcoast1 – 2PSG.LGD
OG0 – 2Team Liquid

Lower bracket quarterfinals

Team Aster2 – 0PSG.LGD
Thunder Awaken1 – 2Team Liquid

The TI11 playoffs run from October 20 to October 23. After a five-day break, the last four teams will reconvene on October 29 and 30 for the last two days of the tournament.

October 29

Lower bracket semifinal

Team Aster1 – 2Team Liquid

Upper bracket final

Team Secret1 – 2Tundra Esports

October 30

Lower bracket final

Team Liquid1 – 2Team Secret

Grand final

Tundra Esports3 – 0Team Secret

TI11 Group Stage Standings

Group A

1stEvil Geniuses14 — 47 — 0 — 2Upper bracket
2ndTeam Liquid13 — 55 — 3 — 1Upper bracket
3rdPSG.LGD12 — 64 — 4 — 1Upper bracket
4thOG10 — 84 — 2 — 3Upper bracket
5thHokori9 — 92 — 5 — 2Lower bracket
6thRoyal Never Give Up9 — 94 — 1 — 4Lower bracket
7thGaimin Gladiators8 — 102 — 4 — 3Lower bracket
8thBOOM Esports5 — 131 — 3 — 5Lower bracket
9thSoniqs5 — 131 — 3 — 5Eliminated
10thBetBoom Team5 — 130 — 5 — 4Eliminated

Group B

1stTundra Esports14 — 45 — 4 — 0Upper bracket
2ndTeam Secret13 — 55 — 3 — 1Upper bracket
3rdThunder Awaken10 — 82 — 6 — 1Upper bracket
4thTeam Aster10 — 83 — 4 — 2Upper bracket
5thFnatic9 — 93 — 3 — 3Lower bracket
6thTeam Spirit9 — 91 — 7 — 1Lower bracket
7thbeastcoast8 — 102 — 4 — 3Lower bracket
8thEntity6 — 121 — 4 — 4Lower bracket
9thTalon Esports6 — 122 — 2 — 5Eliminated
10thTSM FTX5 — 130 — 5 — 4Eliminated

TI11 Group Stage schedule and results

TI11 Group Stage lineups
Credit: Valve

The tournament’s group stage begins on October 15 and will run until October 18.

October 15 (Day 1)

Stream A

Evil Geniuses2 – 0Soniqs
TSM FTX1 – 1Talon Esports
PSG.LGD0 – 2Evil Geniuses
Team Spirit2 – 0Entity
Evil Geniuses2 – 0OG

Stream B

Team Liquid1 – 1Royal Never Give Up
Fnatic1 – 1Team Spirit
Team Liquid1 – 1Soniqs
Fnatic0 – 2Thunder Awaken
PSG.LGD1 – 1Soniqs

Stream C

PSG.LGD1 – 1Hokori
Team Secret1 – 1Thunder Awaken
BOOM Esports1 – 1Hokori
Team Secret2 – 0beastcoast
Team Liquid2 – 0BetBoom Team

Stream D

OG2 – 0BOOM Esports
TSM FTX1 – 1Talon Esports
OG2 – 0Gaimin Gladiators
TSM FTX1 – 1Tundra Esports
Royal Never Give Up2 – 0BOOM Esports

Stream E

Gaimin Gladiators2 – 0BetBoom Team
Team Aster1 – 1Tundra Esports
Royal Never Give Up2 – 0BetBoom Team
Team Aster2 – 0Talon Esports
Hokori1 – 1Gaimin Gladiators

October 16 (Day 2)

Stream A

Fnatic1 – 1Team Secret
Team Aster1 – 1Entity
PSG.LGD2 – 0Team Liquid
Team Spirit1 – 1TSM FTX

Stream B

Entity2 – 0Thunder Awaken
BOOM Esports1 – 1Gamin Gladiators
Fnatic2 – 0beastcoast
Soniqs0 – 2OG
Talon Esports0 – 2Thunder Awaken

Stream C

Talon Esports1 – 1Team Spirit
Royal Never Give Up2 – 0Soniqs
TSM FTX0 – 2Team Secret
Royal Never Give Up2 – 0Gaimin Gladiators
Fnatic1 – 1Entity

Stream D

Team Aster2 – 0TSM FTX
Evil Geniuses0 – 2Team Liquid
Team Spirit1 – 1Thunder Awaken
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Hokori
Team Secret0 – 2Tundra Esports

Stream E

Tundra Esports1 – 1beastcoast
Hokori1 – 1BetBoom Team
Tundra Esports2 – 0Talon Esports
BOOM Esports1 – 1BetBoom Team
Team Aster2 – 0beastcoast

October 17 (Day 3)

Stream A

Evil Geniuses2 – 0BetBoom Team
Team Secret1 – 1Team Spirit
Team Liquid2 – 0OG
Team Secret2 – 0Entity
Team Liquid2 – 0BOOM Esports

Stream B

OG1 – 1Hokori
beastcoast2 – 0Talon Esports
PSG.LGD2 – 0BOOM Esports
Fnatic0 – 2Talon Esports
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Royal Never Give Up

Stream C

Soniqs2 – 0BOOM Esports
TSM FTX1 – 1Entity
Soniqs1 – 1BetBoom Team
Team Spirit0 – 2Tundra Esports
PSG.LGD1 – 1Gaimin Gladiators

Stream D

Team Liquid1 – 1Gaimin Gladiators
Fnatic2 – 0Team Aster
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Gaimin Gladiators
beastcoast2 – 0TSM FTX
OG1 – 1BetBoom Team

Stream E

PSG.LGD2 – 0Royal Never Give Up
Thunder Awaken1 – 1Tundra Esports
Royal Never Give Up0 – 2Hokori
Team Aster1 – 1Thunder Awaken
Soniqs0 – 2Hokori

October 18 (Day 4)

Stream A

Talon Esports2 – 0Entity
OG2 – 0Royal Never Give Up
Team Aster1 – 1Team Spirit

Stream B

Team Secret2 – 0Team Aster
PSG.LGD1 – 1BetBoom Team
Fnatic2 – 0TSM FTX

Stream C

Thunder Awaken1 – 1TSM FTX
Team Liquid2 – 0Hokori
Tundra Esports2 – 0Entity

Stream D

Team Spirit1 – 1beastcoast
Evil Geniuses0 – 2BOOM Esports
Team Secret2 – 0Talon Esports

Stream E

Fnatic0 – 2Tundra Esports
Soniqs0 – 2Gaimin Gladiators
Thunder Awaken1 – 1beastcoast


For 8th place in Group A

BOOM Esports1 – 0Soniqs
BOOM Esports1 – 0BetBoom Team

For 8th place in Group B

Talon Esports0 – 2Entity

Teams competing in TI11

TI11 power rankings graphic
Credit: ONE Esports

North America

  • Evil Geniuses
  • Soniqs

South America

  • Beastcoast
  • Hokori
  • Thunder Awaken

Western Europe

  • Entity
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • OG
  • Tundra Esports
  • Team Secret

Eastern Europe

  • BetBoom Team
  • Team Spirit


  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Team Aster

Southeast Asia

  • BOOM Esports
  • Fnatic
  • Talon Esports

TI11 tournament format

Dota 2 TI11 Fnatic Jabz, Aster Boboka
Credit: ONE Esports

20 teams will be split into two groups of ten, playing a round-robin best-of-two. The top four teams will proceed to the upper bracket, the next four teams to the lower bracket. The bottom two teams will be eliminated from the competition.

The playoff format is as classic TI as it gets. The lower bracket kicks off with a best-of-one. Otherwise, every series will be a best-of-three, until the best-of-five grand finals to determine who goes home with the Aegis of Champions.

TI11 prize pool

Here is the TI11 prize pool distribution as shared by Valve.

1stUS$8,518,82245%Tundra Esports
2ndUS$2,461,03313%Team Secret
3rdUS$1,703,8109%Team Liquid
4thUS$1,135,8356%Team Aster
5th-6thUS$662,5433.5%Thunder Awaken
9th-12thUS$378,6122%Evil Geniuses
9th-12thUS$378,6122%BOOM Esports
9th-12thUS$378,6122%Gaimin Gladiators
13th-16thUS$283,9311.5%Royal Never Give Up
13th-16thUS$283,9311.5%Team Spirit
17th-18thUS$47,2280.25%Talon Esports
19th-20thUS$47,2280.25%TSM FTX
19th-20thUS$47,2280.25%BetBoom Team

The prize pool currently sits at US$18,930,775 at the time of writing, according to the Dota 2 Prize Pool Tracker.

Where to watch TI11?

In a first for TI, the group stage will be run entirely by PGL, according to their press release on August 29.

Five games will be running concurrently on PGL’s Twitch streams during the group stage: PGL_Dota2, PGL_DOTAEN2, PGL_DOTA2EN3, PGL_DOTA2EN4, and PGL_DOTA2EN5. All broadcasts will also be available on YouTube.

Once the playoffs come around, Valve will take over on TI’s official Twitch channel.

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