Some fans of Felix “xQc” Lengyel were a little concerned after he walked away from his recent stream on May 15 rather abruptly.

The popular creator was doing what anyone would have expected — another long stream with a mix of just chatting, gaming, reacting, and more when he suddenly had to go.

xQc shut down his Twitch stream unexpectedly

xQc ending his Twitch stream
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

He was in the middle of a segment where he would watch YouTube’s recommended videos with chat when he needed to run to the bathroom. Upon returning, he told his chat he needed to step away for a “very important” phone call, immediately leading to his chat wondering if all was okay.

He would help to quell their concerns by saying “It’s good things,” before setting up a video for them to watch. He stuck around for a few more minutes before leaving up a new video and walking away.

He would return minutes later, saying he needs to end the stream because “something’s going on,” although others heard “somethings wrong.” It’s possible that’s what he said, but it’s not what everyone heard.

He added that he’d let the video finish before leaving once again.

Upon his final return to the stream, he told chat he had to go, telling them that “it’s been crazy the last three days” and that he’d make it up to them somehow. He also said he’d probably go live again that night, but according to his VODs, he did not return.

As of now, there’s been no word as to what situation he was dealing with or why he needed to step away.

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