It wasn’t an uneventful easter for Felix “xQc” Lengyel. The massively popular Twitch streamer was apparently the victim of an attempted burglary.

During a recent broadcast, the Canadian content creator told his stream that he witnessed someone appearing to attempt to break into his home

xQc says the police couldn’t do anything about the attempted robbery

xQC posing in front of his brand new McLaren 720S Spider Coupe
Credit: Adept

xQc claims that when preparing to do a long stream, he looked at his phone only to notice a bunch of alerts from his security system.

“I look at my phone and I get f**king alerts, like camera alerts and sh*t like that, and I look, and there’s just this guy. And he looks like he’s breaking in, dude! Into my house!” he explained.

If you’re wondering why he assumes this was an attempted break-in, and not just someone showing up, it’s the next bit of detail you’ll want to hear.

“So the camera shows the dude pulls up, and starts f**king messing with the code thing. And then, he starts messing with the camera or whatever,” he said.

This led to the streamer deciding to call the police, but it wasn’t the response he was hoping for. Due to the fact that it was a holiday, the perpetrator was no longer on the scene, and he called the non-emergency line, he claims they told him “It’s Easter, so we kinda can’t do sh*t.”

While that’s most likely not the exact words from the dispatcher, it seems the nature of the incident didn’t lead to an immediate reaction.

This is just another example of a popular streamer witnessing someone attempting to breach their location. Unfortunately, this is all too common.

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