The OTK folks like to have a good time, and sometimes it’s at the expense of one of their members.

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo learned this firsthand when one of the newer members, Emily “ExtraEmily” Xuechun Zhang pranked the OTK co-founder’s stream room while he was away.

Mizkif reacts to ExtraEmily’s latest prank on stream

While Mizkif went to work on his physical fitness at the gym before taking care of a few errands, Emily was hard at work, ladder in hand, set on pranking the 28-year-old.

In terms of the prank, she elected to cover nearly every inch of his stream room in sticky notes. Using a variety of colors, she managed to fully decorate the stream room, live on her own stream, to the delight of her viewers.

Returning to the house, Rinaudo did not seem pleased by what had happened in his absence.

“No one else has to deal with stuff like this. Everybody else just streams, they go offline, they do ads,” he said. “I just go to the gym and have like two errands to run, I come back and this is my life.”

In ExtraEmily fashion, she cheerfully said “Ya! Isn’t it great? It’s cause you’re such a nice pal, Miz,” before giving him a pat on the shoulder. “And I feel like I can, you know prank ya, you know, prank ya hard.”

“Ya got me,” he said, looking defeated. She then tried to give him a fist bump which he lightly pushed away.

It seems their relationship will recover, however, and it’s likely that he’ll be coming back with a prank of his own given the pair’s relationship.

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