Where does the Blue Lock anime end in the manga is a question on the minds of countless football anime fans.

This high-octane sports anime, best known for its unique battle royale format, has captured the world’s attention with its intense focus on creating the world’s best striker.

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I hate soccer but I absolutely love Blue Lock

Blue Lock’s cutthroat training program, where young soccer prodigies compete against each other, has set it apart from traditional sports anime.

With Blue Lock’s ruthless win-or-go challenge that the characters must face, it’s no wonder why fans want to know what will happen next in the anime.

Warning: Minor spoilers if you haven’t watched Blue Lock season 1 or read the Blue Lock manga.

Where does the Blue Lock anime end in the manga?

Blue Lock season 1

Blue Lock season 2 key visual featuring season 1 main characters Yoichi Isagi, Meguru Bachira, and Itoshi Rin, along with new characters Aiki Himizu, Akira Endoji, Eita Otoya, Jin Kiyora, Kenyu Yukimiya, Nijiro Nanase, Ranze Kurona, Tabito Karasu, Yo Hiori, and Ryusei Shido
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The story revolves around protagonist Isagi Yoichi, a young striker who joins the Blue Lock program to become the world’s best striker.

The first season of the Blue Lock anime, which aired from October 9, 2022, to March 26, 2023, had 24 episodes and adapted chapters 1 to 94 of the manga.

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These Blue Lock watches let you own the field like your favorite anime strikers

Season 1 of the anime included the Introduction, First Selection, and Second Selection arcs, ending with the opening of the Third Selection arc.

At the start of the anime, 300 aspiring Japanese forwards entered the Blue Lock program. At the end of season 1, only 35 players remain.

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Jinpachi Ego, the man behind the Blue Lock program, informs the finalists about a change with the next selection. It is now a match between them and Japan’s U20 team, which includes Rin Itoshi’s brother Sae Itoshi.

If the Blue Lock team loses, the program will be shut down, but if they win, they become the new representatives of Japan’s U-20 national team.

Blue Lock episode Nagi movie

Slam Dunk's Sakuragi Hanamichi and Nobunaga Kiyota, along with Blue Lock's Yoichi Isagi in ONE Esports' best sports anime listicle
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Blue Lock Episode Nagi is a spin-off manga adapted into a film that delves into the backstory of Seishiro Nagi, one of the standout characters from the main Blue Lock series.

Kota Sannomiya illustrated the story based off Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura’s original work. The story follows Nagi’s life before he enters the intense world of Blue Lock.

The film debuted in Japanese theaters on April 19, 2024, with Blue Lock Episode Nagi movie international releases between June and August 2024.

Blue Lock anime and manga matched timeline

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Season 1 episodes 1 and 2Chapters 1 and 4Introduction arc
Season 1 episodes 3 to 11Chapters 5 to 38First Selection arc
Season 1 episodes 12 to 22Chapters 39 to 86Second Selection arc
Season 1 episodes 23 to 24Chapters 87 to 94Third Selection arc
Episode Nagi movieBlue Lock Episode Nagi volumes 1 to 4Spin-off arc
Season 2TBDTBD

Where to read Blue Lock

You can buy the Blue Lock manga online through Kodansha’s official website.

While the first two chapters are available for free, accessing the third and beyond requires creating an account. Individual volumes are available for those eager to delve deeper into the series.

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