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Chainsaw Man has become a hit franchise in the anime world.

With just a pull of a cord, main character Denji turns into a bloodthirsty anti-hero with chainsaws protruding out of his head and arms.

Every reference explained in the Chainsaw Man anime opening sequence ONE Esports featured image
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Every reference explained in the Chainsaw Man anime opening sequence

While real chainsaws are definitely not to be played with, Filipino cosplayer Kean Juries dared to recreate the character’s revving wrath in his Chainsaw Man cosplay.

Kean Juries’ Chainsaw Man cosplay flaunts a helmet with a working rotary chain

What sets Juries’ cosplay apart from other Chainsaw Men is its attention to detail. On top of the blood-drenched office attire, the cosplayer went all out in bringing the devil-hybrid’s chainsaw mechanics to life.

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Juries crafted a chainsaw helmet with a functioning rotary chain, but don’t worry, the blades are just pieces of EVA foam. The cosplayer fitted the movable jaw to be the switch that activates the chain.

Denji in Chainsaw Man
Credit: VIZ Media, ONE Esports
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Furthermore, Juries wanted to mimic the overheating of a real chainsaw and stashed a tiny smoke machine inside the helmet. He also powered the rotary chain with an MG90S servo motor, which added a nice machine-like buzz to the prop.

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The cosplayer got pretty crafty when it came to recreating Denji’s glowing yellow eyes. He cut out a few ping pong balls and placed them inside with LED lights.

The functional helmet is only the start of Juries’ crafting project. The cosplayer has already hinted at bringing the Chainsaw Man cosplay to the next level with moving chainsaw arms.

You can check out how Jurie crafted the helmet of the Chainsaw Man cosplay down below:

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