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There are a lot of ways to get kills in Modern Warfare 3, and these are vastly important as they are part of many weekly and camo challenges.

One of them is the Point Blank Kills. Like the Longshot Kills and Toxic Damage Kills, Point Blank Kills are needed to complete a few challenges.

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In this ONE Esports guide, we break down this type of elimination, and how to get it in the game.

How to get Point Blank Kills in Modern Warfare 3 the easiest way

Point Blank Kills are basically kills that are done at extremely close range. It essentially means the enemy has to be near touching distance of you to take them out.

It also means ensuring these types of kills is hard as you barely have the chance to aim down sights. As such, you need to wait for the perfect moment.

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Given that getting these kills requires you to be close to your enemies, smaller maps are your best friends here. Player movements are very restricted due to the small size, and there are a lot of tight spaces.

Taking that into consideration, there’s a high chance you find a few within touching distance to take out.

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Small map playlists are especially useful here, and are probably the best ones to pick for getting Point Blank Kills.

If you’re more of a medium or large map player, look for small and tight spaces within the map, and you may stumble upon enemies going through those areas.

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Additionally, using hipfire mode is also a great way to land these kills, as it improves the chance of scoring this type of kills. So, you may want to create a perfect build that improves hipfire accuracy and recoil control.

SMGs and shotguns are the best classes to get Point Blank Kills, as they are suitable for short-range combat. Good choices include the HRM-9 and Striker 9 for SMG, and the Expedite-12, Lockwood 680, and KV Broadside for shotgun.

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In the Zombies mode, it’s much easier to get point blank kills since zombies come toward you, which can help you in completing the challenges easily.

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