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Unlocking weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is a relatively straight forward process once you know how it works.

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In this ONE Esports guide, we explain everything you need to know about the MW3 Armory Unlocks system, helping you obtain various weapons.

Understanding the MW3 Armory Unlocks system

There are several ways to unlock weapons and equipment in MW3 with some requiring the use of the new Armory system.

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Here is list of unlocking methods:

  • Increase your player level
  • Complete weekly challenges
  • Complete Armory Unlocks challenges
  • Complete seasonal content
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In order to get access the MW3 Unlocks System, you need to reach level 25. Once you do, navigate to the challenge menu and then select it.

Here you can choose the weapon or item you wish to progress through the completion of daily challenges and winning games.

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In previous entries of the franchise, players were not adequately incentivized to focus on winning games leading to a lower emphasis on team play.

Because players can now complete their unlocks by winning games after they have completed their daily challenges, players have a greater reason to work together.

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Below we’ve provided a list of all the weapons you can unlock in MW3 whether it be from simply leveling up your account or via the MW3 Armory Unlocks, broken down by weapon category.

All MW3 Assault Rifles

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SVA 545Level 4
MTZ-556Level 12
Holger 556Level 37
MCWLevel 44
DG-58via Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
FR 5.56via Armory Unlocks (Level 25)

All MW3 Battle Rifles

Bas-BLevel 17
Sidewindervia Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
MTZ-762via Armory Unlocks (Level 25)

All MW3 Submachine Guns

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StrikerLevel 4
WSP SwarmLevel 27
AMR9Level 55 or purchase Vault Edition
WSP-9Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
Rival-9Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
Striker 9Armory Unlocks (Level 25)

All MW3 Shotguns

Lockwood 680Level 4
HaymakerLevel 39
RiveterArmory Unlocks (Level 25) or purchase Vault Edition

All MW3 LMGs

Screenshot of WSP Swarm Sweet Siren blueprint weapon inspect for ONE Esports' article on how to inspect weapon in Modern Warfare 3
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Pulemyot 762Level 4
DG-58 LSWLevel 7
Holger 26Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
Bruen Mk9Level 31

All MW3 Marksman Rifles

KVD EnforcerLevel 4
MCW 6.8Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
DM56Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
MTZ InterceptorArmory Unlocks (Level 25)

All MW3 Sniper Rifles

Operator slaying an enemy with Soulrender in ONE Esports image for Modern Warfare 3 prestige system explained
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Katt-AMRLevel 4
LongbowArmory Unlocks (Level 25) or purchase Vault Edition
KV InhibitorArmory Unlocks (Level 25)

Now, you know exactly what needs to be done to unlock weapons in Modern Warfare 3.

Details on perks, killstreaks, and more can be found in a blog post here.

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