DMZ is a new mode in Warzone 2.0 that takes inspiration from extraction-style games like Escape from Tarkov.

The goal is to drop into Al Mazrah, loot and stock up on items, and then get out. The stakes are high — you only have one life, and if you die, you lose everything that you earned in that match.

Exfiltration is the ultimate endpoint for all players. Weapons and other valuable items you find go into your storage, which you can then bring into your next match to gain a better advantage.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to escape from the DMZ.

Warzone 2.0 DMZ: Exfiltration and escape explained

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Exfil
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

You can enter DMZ solo, as a duo, or with a squad of three. There are two ways to extract from the battlefield — the most straightforward way is to reach one of the designated extraction points on the map.

These are marked by a blue exit symbol of a man running toward a door. There are multiple exfiltration points at any one time, so you can pick the one nearest to your location.

You can call in a helicopter at the exfiltration point. After about a minute, the helicopter will arrive, starting a 30-second countdown timer. The chopper will take off when the timer expires, whether or not you managed to get on board.

However, once you manually activate an extraction point, it will be marked on the Tac Map for all other squads. They’ll have an eye on the loot you’re looking to extract, particularly the new M13B assault rifle that can currently only be obtained by defeating the Chemist.

At the same time, AI combatants will swarm the area to prevent your escape. If you survive the onslaught, you’ll be able to board the helicopter and leave.

There are a limited number of extraction points in a match. Once all have been used, a final site will be marked. Competition at this last site is likely to be stiff, as players battle to be on the last chopper out.

Exfil points are also random, so you’ll need to think on your feet because your way out will vary with every match.

How to exfil using the Hostage Rescue contract

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 DMZ exfiltration points escape
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Alternatively, the Hostage Rescue contract offers the ability to exfil after successfully delivering the hostages. You can activate the contract by looking for a light green radio with a symbol of handcuffs on your Tac Map.

You’ll be tasked with rescuing a hostage within a locked building and deactivating an explosive collar around the hostage’s neck within a time limit.

Once you save the hostage, you’ll need to physically deliver them to the helicopter. This helicopter is your way out of DMZ.

It pays off to save the Hostage Rescue contract for last. It enables a safer, more reliable extraction, allowing you to escape with your precious loot.

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