Quick scoping in Call of Duty has been a massive part of the franchise, and produced some of the best content in the series. In Modern Warfare 3, it’s no different.

If you want to snipe like the best, let’s set you up with the best quick scope sniper MW3 has to offer.

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The best quick scope sniper MW3 players can use to dominate the lobby

There are few who know the art of quick scoping better than FaZe Clan content creator, Luke “Scope” Sharrets. Therefore, we’ll be taking a look at what he calls the “#1 max speed sniper” in MW3 in a recent video.

Scope kicks things off with the ever impactful 7.62x39mm High Grain Rounds which he loads into a 10 round magazine.

For the optic, which considers one of the most important pieces of this class, he selects the KR Intlas LSJ-3 which is an aftermarket part that needs to be unlocked.

Best quick scope sniper MW3 according to FaZe Clan Scope
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

When it comes to the rear grip, the Demo 650 Grip is the attachment of choice. This rear grip provides a big boost to overall control on the sniper, allowing you to be more accurate even with quick scoping.

And finally, he chooses the No Stock option which gives a massive boost to sprint-to-fire, movement, and aim walking speed in addition to a smaller bump to sprint speed.

This loadout will set you up with incredibly fast movement, scoping speed, and great accuracy so you’re able to land insane clips all day long.

FaZe Scope’s best quick scope sniper MW3:

OpticKR Intlas LSJ-3
Ammo7.62x39mm High Grain Rounds
StockNo Stock
Magazine10 round magazine
Rear gripDemo 650 Grip

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