The new and improved gunsmight in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 just got a little cooler.

The developersm Sledgehammer Games, released a video showcasing a new feature, the Modern Warfare 3 Aftermarket Parts system.

The Modern Warfare 3 Aftermarket Parts shake things up in a big way

The Pulemyot 762 in Modern Warfare 3
Credit: Sledgehammer Games

This new feature allows for guns to be born anew in the hands of the wielder, playing in a completely different and unique way, according to the developers.

“Think of them as remixes for the guns,” said Nick Carraro, systems designer at SHG. “It’s a way for players to come back to a weapon that they may have already mastered or played out, and it’s going to give them an entirely new dimension to interact with the gun in a way that regular attachments can’t.”

Players will be able to pick a Conversion Kit that will “absolutely turn that gun’s identity on its head” and give players a different way to use the weapon.

This was seconded by Zach Hodson, design director of the game, who said, “They’re nearly a new gun. [Aftermarket Parts] are powerful, meaningful changes to these weapons.”

These new Modern Warfare 3 Aftermarket Parts will be made available for weapons once they’ve reached max level. That is, once you’ve unlocked the Conversion Kits.

The Pulemyot 762 with Modern Warfare 3 Aftermarket Parts
Credit: Sledgehammer Games

According to the official post, in order to unlock the kits, “you’ll need to complete in-game challenges that become available once the supported weapon obtains max level. Finish that final challenge, and the Conversion Kit is yours. Consider it the final, impressive reward for finishing a weapon’s progression path.”

An example of a challenge provided by Sledgehammer Games for the Pulemyot LMG:

Unlock Challenge at Max Level: Get 25 Kills while hip firing or using Tac-Stance.

This would then allow you to transform the weapon via the Bullpup Conversion Kit, “greatly increasing the weapon’s mobility and handling, rate of fire, and recoil off the hip and when in Tac-Stance.”

It’s not done though, you can still add more Aftermarket Parts to alter the weapon even more.

This is certainly going to be a unique element for players to test and experience before we know just how powerful those kits are, but we’re looking forward to it.

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