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The Modern Warfare 3 update for Warzone drops operators into the new map of Urzikstan. The new map is already being touted as one of, if not the best the game has had to date.

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If you’re playing on the best map, you’re going to want to one of the weapons found in the Warzone best guns list. Lucky for you, we have it.

TeeP’s Warzone best guns list heading into the new MW3 Warzone update

TeeP goes over the Warzone best guns list
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

Unlike other battle royales, you can create a custom loadout and access it in-game if you complete the right objectives.

The Warzone best guns list we’re sharing is from none other than legendary Call of Duty player and content creator, TeeP.

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We’ll be updating this article regularly as the meta changes to make sure you have the most up-to-date class setups to use.

He chose to break down the best Warzone loadouts by category, so you’ll find one weapon in each of the categories suggested.

The best Holger 556 build in MW3
Credit: Activision

Holger 556 class setup

First up is the Holger 556. This gun was almost immediately voted out of competitive play by players in the Call of Duty League due to just how strong it is in multiplayer.

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For that reason, it’s definitely going to be a must-have on the Warzone best guns list. TeeP loads this one up for better recoil control, bullet velocity, and damage range.

MuzzleT51R Billeted Brake
BarrelChrios-6 Match
Rear GripMorn-20 Grip
StockRB Addle Assault Stock
Magazine40 Round Mag

Holger 26 class setup

MW3 and WZ Holger 26
Credit: Activision

Next up is an LMG, the Holger 26. The LMGs were a force to be reckoned with in the last version of Warzone thanks to their magazine size, damage range, and output.

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This build is focused on making the Holger 26 easy to use with a very controllable vertical recoil.

MuzzleT51R Billeted Brake
BarrelHolger Factory Barrel
Rear GripMorn-20 Grip
StockAscent Lord Stock
OpticCorio Eagleseye 2.5x

Rival 9 class setup

Modern Warfare 3 Rival 9
Credit: Activision

Moving on to the first SMG in the list, it’s the Rival 9. TeeP says you can bump the magazine up to 50 if you’d like, but the 40 will provide more mobility.

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This is your good mobility, easy to control, plenty of ammo, and fast gun if that’s what you’re looking for.

MuzzlePurifier Muzzle Brake
BarrelRival-C Clearshot Barrel
Rear GripRival Vice Assault
UnderbarrelBruen Heavy Support
Magazine40 Round Mag

KV Inhibitor class setup

MW3 and WZ KV Inhibitor
Credit: Activision

Heading into the new MW3 Warzone update, this is the sniper that TeeP likes the most.

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Things will change as more people get into the weeds of things, but this is a great starting point if you’re looking to sniper in Warzone.

LaserFSS OLE-V Laser
OpticAkalina LR-Stalk Optic
Rear GripFSS Stormender Assault Grip
UnderbarrelDR-6 Handstop
StockIvanov Wood Stock

BAS-B class setup

Best BAS-B loadout MW3
Credit: Activision

Lastly, it’s the BAS-B filling out the Warzone best guns list in the battle rifle department.

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TeeP describes the BAS-B as “really easy to shoot, really, really fast bullet velocity, and for some reason, the devs just absolutely love a battle rifle being very, very good all the time, and I think the BAS-B might be it.”

BarrelBruen Venom Long Barrel
StockRavage-20 Heavy Stock
UnderbarrelBruen Heavy Support Grip
Magazine45 Round Mag

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